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    Out of the Bag!

    How fun that was, reading all of your comments and emails!  I am so grateful to each of you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.. I never knew there were so many readers! You've made my day! It's time to announce the winners! The first winner will receive 3 currently-released Plum Street Samplers patterns as well as…

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    Blog Fodder

    When I first started blogging back in 2004, I had intended to write just about my stitching endeavors – sort of a way to keep myself motivated by posting my plans and progress reports. Then I started designing, and it went from my "Cranberry Crossing" blog (the name coming from the primitive/folk art craft business I had for a few…

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    Bre was heading out to have fun with friends this weekend, and before she left I made her pose for me. I love my girl… she's grown into a beautiful young woman, but I still see my baby girl in there sometimes. I'm so proud of you, Bre. I hope you have a fantastic first year out on your own.

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    While recently discussing the possibility of Jaime and Bre and I going into the business of photography together, someone suggested we name ourselves "PB&J Photography." I doubt anyone would take us seriously if we called ourselves that, but I thought it was a clever suggestion. 🙂 Last week, we three got together and shot another wedding. What a perfectly fun…

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    Toffee Josh

    Like many kids, Sabrina spent her childhood trying out different sports and musical instruments, seeking that certain something that she could excel at and call her own. I think, after all these years, my girl has finally found her calling. Earlier in the year, she decided to teach herself to play the guitar, which is something she's always wanted to…

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    I finally got around to taking some pictures of my Frances Eden, framed by Rensel Studios in Utah. I love the moulding Jill chose! Because of the angle it's hanging, it appears crooked, but trust me – it's not! Remember, this is the sampler passed on to me by Kim. She wasn't fond of the fabric (Glenshee) and fibers (DMC)…

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    Around the age of 10, Miss Sophie pleaded with me so often to let her wear mascara that I finally gave in. After all, it's tough living in a house with 3 other girls who love their makeup, and you're the only one who is unfortunate enough to only need 2 minutes to get ready to go anywhere. Now that…

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    The 4th

    I hope you all had as much fun as we did, celebrating Independence Day this year! We got together at my parents' house for a barbeque and lots of other fixins (sans the potato salad), and then headed out front to the driveway to watch the fireworks. Mom and I had a few different salsas this year, but we both…

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    Dads and Daughters

    In about an hour we'll be heading to my parents' house to celebrate Independence Day, but before we leave I thought I'd share some photos from last night. Mike, Sophie, and my dad and I went to a Stormchasers game at the new Werner Park, where we watched a brilliant fireworks show afterward. And now it's time for a little…