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    Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

    Okay, not the cleverest of blog titles, but I blame it on my afternoon of drinking tea instead of coffee.

    Sabrina has been growing her hair out for years. Her long hair is sort of what she's known for around these parts, and she's always felt like she'd be lost without it.

    Fb 1

    But earlier this year, she started thinking that she wasn't really doing anything with all that extra hair (except for putting it up in a bun on top of her head every day), so why not donate it? She slept on it a few days (literally), and finally announced that she was ready to do it.

    So we headed to the salon, and she nervously sat in the chair while the stylist made sure and double-sure it's really what she wanted to do.

    Photo(2) copy

    Sabrina stated boldly, "Do it."  Then she let out a little squeak as the scissors sawed laboriously through the thick, strawberry rope. (I never knew Sabrina had so much hair to cut through!)


    The stylist and I waited for a reaction, as the length of hair was handed back to Bean… Then suddenly, the chair whipped around.

    Photo(3) copy

    I felt like applauding! I think I was relieved that she didn't faint.

    I really hope someone gets good use out of her hair.. she's taken good care of it, and is on her way to growing it out yet again. Oh, and because her hair is much lighter now, flyaway hair is a new concept for her:

    Red Wolf-4 E BW tp

    Love you, Bean. 🙂

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    Hodgepodge Cottage

    Since Bre moved away, her designing efforts had to slow down a bit until she got settled down. But lately she's been on a designing binge, and I'm so excited for her to release her new charts! These next two will be out on March 1st for market.  🙂

    This is "Happy Flag Day"…

    Flag Day tp

    And this one is simply called "Flowers"…

    Flowers tp

    Thank you for bearing with a proud mom. 🙂

  • New Designs

    New for Market

    By now most of you have probably seen some market release buzz from different designers. I get so excited each year to discover new things by my favorites that I simply must have. 🙂

    Here are the releases I've got coming out in Nashville in just a couple of weeks!

    Nantucket Girl's Sampler… this design was inspired by the book "The Heart of the Sea" by Nathaniel Philbrick. In it, he relays the dramatic events that took place in 1821 when the Essex was rammed by a sperm whale, and what the survivors went through to live to tell the story. (These events inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick.)

    NG tp-2

    I love stories of the ocean – especially true ones – and when I read the excerpt from Eliza Brock's diary in Mr. Philbrick's book, I knew it must be stitched into a sampler. What a clever little song it is! (Although Mike wasn't convinced it was after reading the last stanza.)

    NG tp-1

    In case you're having difficulty making out the verse, here it is:

    Then I'll haste to wed a sailor
    and send him off to sea,
    For a life of independence
    is the pleasant life for me.

    But every now and then
    I shall like to see his face,
    For it always seems to me
    to beam with manly grace.

    With his brow so nobly open
    and his dark and kindly eye,
    Oh my heart beats fondly towards him
    whenever he is nigh.

    But when he says, "Goodbye, my love,
    I'm off across the sea,"
    First I'll cry for his departure,
    then laugh because I'm free.

    By the way, the verse and the rest of the sampler is stitched over 2 linen threads, except for a few places of long-stitches.

    Next up are the new friends of Olga, Boris, Sergei, Max, and Zoya. Meet part of Viktor & Irina.. I say "a part of" because I don't have the official photo yet, as the frame is on order. If you've seen Viktor & Irina in its entirety, you've only seen the scratch photo of it  (I needed to get a photo out quickly for the shop newsletters)…

    VI tp-2

    VI tp-1

    Thank you to Nicole Neville for stitching the model in about 11 minutes! And thank you to Katrina Devine for her neverending supply of names for me. 😉

    As soon as the frame is in, I'll show the "real" photo to you all. Thank you for your patience!

    Lastly, I've been working on a new line from Plum Street Samplers called Plum Street Antiques. I'm so very, very excited about this! With the gentle shove from my good friend Tany Brockmeyer of The Scarlett House, I purchased Peggy Shorrock's sweet little sampler and immediately got to work reproducing it. Paula Sibbald of Kelmscott designs did a perfect job of stitching the model, and I'm so in love with the blues and browns in it! And of course, the ships and ladies with their walking sticks and their little hooligans. 😉

    Peggy Shorrock-6-2

    (The scissors are there for scale.)

    Peggy Shorrock-3-2

    Here is Peggy'as original sampler, stitched 210 years ago!

    PS original

    And here is the reproduction!

    Peggy Shorrock 1803 tp

    I hope you like my new releases, and that you find lots of others that you like too! Market time is always so much fun, and I'm going to have to make room for all the new goodies – the charts, the linens, the fibers and accessories… so exciting!

    Now… I'm wondering if my family will ever try to figure out what the message in the bottle says…

    NG tp-1-2

  • Critters


    I adore Sophie's Tilly-Roux.

    Tilly tp-1-5

    She's quiet..

    Tilly tp-1-6

    She likes to move Mike's Legos around when he's not home…

    Tilly tp-1-4

    Tilly tp-1-3

    I'm in love with her all-black nose…

    Tilly tp-2

    She never stops purring…

    Tilly tp-1

    She drives the Yorkie crazy… (and yes, that's my Ruth Bacheler on the ironing board she jumped up on.)

    Tilly tp-1-7

    …But the Yorkie will sometimes pretend she sees something more interesting, and that Tilly-Roux isn't bothering her at all.

    Tilly tp-2-2

    But mostly I love that she likes my blog…

    Tilly tp-1-2

    Have you ever seen the Simon's Cat videos on YouTube? If you own a cat and haven't watched these yet, you should look them up! They are hysterical, and oh-so-true. Here's one that is exactly what I go through on a daily basis when I'm trying to get Plum Street orders packed and sent out…

    See you soon! I have lots of market stuff to prepare for, and I'll be back soon with some sneak peeks!

  • Family


    I know it's been a month since we went to Colorado, but I thought I'd post some of the pictures I took. We had a really nice time there for New Year's Eve and a few days afterward. The place we stayed at was the Austria Haus, and if you ever visit Vail, I highly recommend staying there!

    This was what greeted me upon first entering our room…

    Vail tp-1

    I didn't spend any time up on the mountain, so I didn't get any of the gorgeous mountain-top pictures, but I still enjoyed my quiet time in the village. I liked this window display in a little cupcake shop:

    Vail tp-1-2

    And this was the old bridge I walked across every day, into the village. It was also the way to the ski lift…

    Vail tp-5

    This was just to the left of the bridge…

    Vail tp-1-3

    And this was to the right…

    Vail tp-2-2

    Sophie loved the village candy shop best…

    Vail tp-2-3

    And I loved that they had Necco's! When I was growing up, my dad would always buy them for me when we stopped at gas stations on one of our many long family road trips… I always gave the black licorice-flavored ones to my brother and told him they were chocolate.

    Vail tp-3-3

    We walked up the side of a mountain for the New Year's Eve fireworks display…

    Vail tp-2

    Vail tp-1-4

    And afterward, we walked through the village…

    Vail tp-3

    Vail tp-1-5

    We ate at this pizzeria every night we were there, and twice for lunch. Don't miss it if you're ever in Vail!

    Vail tp-6

    Here's one of Soph and I in the hotel's elevator…

    Vail tp-4-2

    And here are some of Mike and Soph at the ice rink…

    Vail tp-8

    Vail tp-9

    Vail tp-7

    Vail tp-10

    But the very best part of the whole trip was finding this sweet little place, nestled in the pines, just before crossing the bridge…

    Vail tp-3-2

    And it's a good thing I found it, because I went through the hotel's supply of Starbucks packets in the first hour and a half I was there.

    Thanks for stopping by, and for all the sweet comments and emails about the Valentine's Stocking. I hope I got the kinks worked out and you were finally able to print it successfully!

    Vail tp-4-3

  • Freebie

    A Valentine’s Stocking

    Here's a little stocking pattern for you. I designed it for my mom and put both hers and my dad's initials on it. Then I surprised her with it on Instagram (she'll be over for the Super Bowl on Sunday, so I'll give it to her then), and she loved it! It was a fast little stitch, and along with the chart itself, I'm including an alphabet and numbers for you to personalize yours with, as well as a tutorial on how I finished my stocking.

    Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with a family member, a friend, or with your own sweet self, I hope the day is lovely for you.


    Download A Valentine's Stocking PRINTOUT

    Download Stocking Personalization PRINTOUT

    Download Stocking Tutorial PRINTOUT

    Here are the jpg images if you have trouble printing from the pdf links above. Just click on the page you want to print, and then print from there. (I'm unable to pinpoint why some of you have had difficulties printing out this chart, but I suspect it may have something to do with the MacStitch program I'm using and its translation into Photoshop. I've never had issues before now, so if any of you have any suggestions you can offer, I'd be forever indebted!)

    A Valentine's Stocking

    Stocking Tutorial PRINTOUT

    Stocking Personalization PRINTOUT

    If you still can't get any of the above options to work, then email me and I'll attach the pdf to an email. If it doesn't work that way, then I sincerely apologize, for I'm stumped at that point.