I adore Sophie's Tilly-Roux.

Tilly tp-1-5

She's quiet..

Tilly tp-1-6

She likes to move Mike's Legos around when he's not home…

Tilly tp-1-4

Tilly tp-1-3

I'm in love with her all-black nose…

Tilly tp-2

She never stops purring…

Tilly tp-1

She drives the Yorkie crazy… (and yes, that's my Ruth Bacheler on the ironing board she jumped up on.)

Tilly tp-1-7

…But the Yorkie will sometimes pretend she sees something more interesting, and that Tilly-Roux isn't bothering her at all.

Tilly tp-2-2

But mostly I love that she likes my blog…

Tilly tp-1-2

Have you ever seen the Simon's Cat videos on YouTube? If you own a cat and haven't watched these yet, you should look them up! They are hysterical, and oh-so-true. Here's one that is exactly what I go through on a daily basis when I'm trying to get Plum Street orders packed and sent out…

See you soon! I have lots of market stuff to prepare for, and I'll be back soon with some sneak peeks!


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