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    2016 Harvest Market Hop Releases

    Good morning!

    The long, hot summer is almost over, and I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome in the cooler, less humid autumn days – as well as some autumn stitching! I hope you'll like my four new offerings for this year's Harvest Market Hop. (If you're unsure as to what I'm talking about, the Harvest Market Hop is an online "market," put together as a way to fill the void left in the industry when there was no longer an in-person market for shops to attend in the fall; it works just like a regular market, but shops order directly online from the Hop, and some shop owners are even hosting market day events, just like they would if they were returning from the Nashville needlework market!) If you see anything you'd like to stitch, just ask your shop owner to order it for you. 🙂

    Here we go!

    First up is one of my favorite autumn pieces I've ever designed.. (am I allowed to say that? I think I like it so much because I didn't have to stitch it – Deborah Bixby did! Thank you, Deborah!) One of these days, I would love to move into an old white Colonial house with tall chimneys…


    The model for Penny Autumn was stitched on 36 ct. Wren by Picture This Plus, and it's worked in all cross stitch over two threads and a little back stitching on the birds' beaks and feet.

    The stitch count is 115w x 91h.

    The threads are by Classic Colorworks (with a DMC conversion on the chart) in German Chocolate, Brandied Pears, Black Coffee, Just Rust, Hazelnut, Caramel, Antique Lace, Hickory Sticks, Pebble Beach, and Honeycomb.

    Sherri Berkman of Total Framing (in Fairfax, VA) did the framing on it, and as usual, she did an outstanding job! (I don't display very many of my models in my home, as about 90% of them are in boxes in my basement, but I do have this one sitting on my piano on an easel.)


    Next up is not quite a fall piece, but it is one of Sophie's favorites. Especially the driftwood style frame! (Thank you again, Sherri!)


    One of my dearest friends, Pat Ryan, stitched this model, and did a beautiful job on it, as usual! The linen used was 36 ct. Sea Fog by R&R Reproductions, and it twas worked in all cross stitch over two threads.

    The stitch count is 145w x 108h.

    Threads used are by Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works.
    Here are the CC's: Cinnamon Toast, Wilderness, Avocado, Sunset.
    And here are the WDW colors: Pelican Gray, Confederate Gray, Parchment, Chesapeake, Schneckley, Cayenne, and Charcoal.
    A conversion to DMC is also provided in the chart.

    As for the date on the design? That was the year Hans Christian Andersen had The Little Mermaid published!


    Back to fall! My third release was again stitched by Pat Ryan, who also helped me with choosing all the different "whites" for the pumpkins! If this is one you would like to stitch, feel free to play around with different shades of beige and gray, in any threads you like. Pat and I chose to use Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works – and two skeins of DMC – for the model…


    The linen used for the White Pumpkin Farm model was 36 ct. Olde Towne Blend by R&R Reproductions, using one strand of floss over two linen threads.

    The stitch count is 130w x 118h.

    From Classic Colorworks: Pebble Beach, Toasted Marshmallow, Blackbird, and Onion Skin.
    From Weeks Dye Works: Red Rocks, Grits, Kudzu, and Charcoal.
    DMC: 612 and 781. (DMC conversions for the other colors are given in the chart as well.)

    Thank you, Sherri, for the beautiful star frame!


    Lastly, a tombstone design (I love love love old tombstones!), with a verse inspired by First Timothy 6:7…


    This model was stitched by Deborah Bixby (beautifully, I might add!), on 36 ct. Vintage Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens.

    The stitch count is 118w x 130h.

    The threads used for Earthly Treasures are from Weeks Dye Works in Kris' Bon Bon, Terra Cotta, Onyx, Pamlico, Pebble, Juniper, and Kudzu. A DMC conversion is provided in the chart.

    The stitches used are cross stitch over two threads, and a small amount of cross or tent stitch over one thread (just the angel's facial features; there is no filling in work to do).

    The chenille trim for the cushion is in the color Mossy, by Lady Dot Creates. Thank you, Lois, for always being so wonderfully patient with me!


    That's it! I hope you like what I've put together for you for the show.. if you see anything you like, just ask your shop owner to order for you! I'm so thankful you stopped by… I'll see you soon!