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    At Last!

    Welcome to the opening day of market! I can hardly stand the excitement!

    As promised, for those of you who are still with me, here is my final fall market release:


    A Ghoultide Welcome

    Stitch Count: 332w x 176h

    Linen used: 36 ct. Vintage Sand Dune by Lakeside Linens. A great substitute
    would be 36 ct. Lingonier Latte by R&R Reproductions.

    Threads used: Needlepoint Inc. silk (with their DMC equivalents in parentheses):

    903 (435)
    964 (645)
    962 (648)
    692 (677)
    245 (730) (2 skeins suggested)
    241 (733)
    981 (822) (2 skeins suggested)
    954 (611)
    694 (833)
    767 (975)
    316 (830)
    976 (3021)
    588 (3371) (3-4 skeins suggested)
    721 (3830)
    124 (3772)

    Please note: while each stitcher's floss usage is different, I've included what I think would be best for you to have on hand, in case you run just a little short. If you choose to use a lower-count linen, please know that you may need more floss, just as you may need less if you use a higher count. However, since these are not overdyed threads, you will most likely be safe if you don't have all the skeins you need on hand right away, as dye lots for these silks don't vary as much as an overdyed silk or cotton would. It's possible that you've had a different experience, but mine has been one of color consistency among these particular threads.

    The frame for A Ghoultide Welcome is extremely complimentary to the piece, and was chosen by Sherri Berkman of Total Framing in Virginia. I never see my pieces before she sends them to me, as I like to be surprised. I trust Sherri implicitly, and she never disappoints! If you'd like more information on this frame or any others used on my designs, please give her a call at 703-426-0660.

    There is a small area of personalization on this chart that will require either a tent stitch (basically a half stitch, or a stitch that hasn't been crossed) or a full over-one-thread stitch, whichever you choose to do. An alphabet chart has been provided for you to graph out your own name, or you can certainly fill the area instead with a motif from elsewhere in the chart.


    I hope you've had fun looking at the previews this week! I'm very excited to get back to the drawing board and see what comes out of the mouse. It almost never matches what is in my mind, but that's okay. I'm always up for surprises!

    Happy Market to You!

    P.S. A patriotic-themed "Welcome" is brewing…


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    A Sneak Peek…

    It's almost time for market to open! It's open early tonight for the designers who have Early Bird Specials or Limited Editions they're selling. But I generally don't participate because I'd be dying to get out of my room and into their rooms to see what wonderful creations they've come up with! Isn't that just awful? Every year I say, "Okay, Paulette, you're doing a Limited Edition for Friday night, next year." Then along comes Friday-night-next-year, and all is dark in the Plum Street Suite.

    Crickets… crickets…

    I can usually be found bouncing from room to room, trying not to look like a regular Peeping Tom if the doors are shut. I just can't help myself. Market is just so exciting!

    Instead of a preview of my last release, I've decided to do a sneak peek instead. The reason for this is because some shops have told me that they actually do like a surprise sometimes! So I really hope I'm not frustrating those of you who may have stopped back by to see what the last release is, but I'm sure by this photo, you'll be able to figure it out quite easily…

    Hint: It's a companion to a sampler released at last year's St. Charles market.


    I will definitely have it posted tomorrow, along with all the information you need if you'd like to stitch it!

    In the mean time, I'm going to look forward to pressing my face up against all the suite windows to try to see what goodies await in exchange for what's in my pocketbook. I'll try to take lots of pictures for you, too, so you can experience a little of what it's like as well!

    It's almost market day!




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    Market Preview #5

    By the time you read this, I'll be way up in the sky, happily awaiting my tiny bag of airplane peanuts while I'm making a bee-line to St. Charles for market.

    (By the way, I read on www.phrases.org.uk that the phrase make a bee line came from the "waggle dance" that forager bees perform for other bees in order to tell them where a good source of nectar can be found. Apparently, the angle and length of the dance denotes how close and in what direction the bees should fly, and as soon as it's communicated, they "make a bee line" straight to the appropriate flowers. Hopefully I won't break out in one of these waggle dances as soon as I de-plane.)

    The next release has nothing to do with bees, believe it or not. But it does have to do with wiener dogs.

    First there was Halloweenies, and then there was its companion Winter Wienerland. The next in the accidental series of Doxie-designs is a Thanksgiving-themed one:


    Turkey Sausage

    Stitch Count: 200w x 60h

    Linen used: 36 ct. Vintage Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens

    Threads used: The Gentle Art (with their equivalents in DMC):
    Mulberry (300)
    Heirloom Gold (610)
    Toffee (680)
    Endive (830)
    Cinnamon (975)
    Wood Trail (3021)
    Espresso Bean (3371)
    Country Redwood (3777)
    Terra Cotta (3826)
    Old Red Paint (3859)
    Weathered Barn (3858)
    Oatmeal (Ecru)

    Thank you once again to Nicole Neville for stitching the model for me!

    I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who have received this little series so warmly, whether or not you actually own a Dachshound. I've never owned one, but I find them to be the most hilarious of the little dog sort, and the few that I've met have been the gentlest creatures.

    Stop by tomorrow for a peek at my final market release, and don't forget to let your shop owner know as soon as possible if you see anything anywhere online that you'd like for her/him to bring back to you! I'm very, very excited to see what is being offered this time around from some of my favorite designers and thread and linen dyers!

    I'll see you very soon!

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    Market Preview #4

    One of my very favorite rooms at market to go into is Lone Elm Lane's, because it feels like I'm walking straight into a Country Living magazine; oh, for the love of stitching, how do they take a simple Dixie cup and sweet tea and turn them into a veritable goblet of country goodness?

    Lone elm 1

    Their Shaker boxes are absolutely gorgeous, and if you've ever seen them at your local needlework shop, you know that they're beautiful, high-quality boxes, made in the same traditional way that the Shakers made them.

    Lone elm 2

    Please pass the smelling salts.

    It's so hard for me to choose one favorite, because really, I see the sampler-potential for every single color! But if I had to choose one or three, I'd say my favorites are the Wooly White, the Shepherd's Bush Plum, and the Robin's Egg Blue.

    Which brings me to my next release…

    As I said in my blog post yesterday, I absolutely love love love the traditional colors of autumn – the burnt orange, mahogany, chocolate, gold – they're all so cozy! But I also love the unexpected, cooler colors – which can actually mingle quite well with the deeper shades of this glorious season.


    This is Autumn Posy, and I've chosen the 6" Robin's Egg Blue box to mount it onto.


    Autumn Posy

    Stitch Count: 97w x 95h

    Linen used: 36 ct. Vintage Pecan Butter by Lakeside Linens

    Threads used: Weeks Dye Works (with their DMC equivalents in parentheses):
    Mulberry (154)
    Kohl (310)
    Sea Foam (504)
    Whiskey (729)
    Sanguine (754)
    Havana (830)
    Hazelnut (975)
    Kudzu (3011)
    Bark (3021)
    Putty (3046)
    Icicle (3756)
    Schneckley (3829)
    Terra Cotta (3830)

    Trim used: Cinnamon Rick-Rack by R&R Reproductions

    Thank you so very much to Nicole Neville for her stitching talent! I'm so appreciative of her taking time to stitch this for me, considering she's got a full-time job and a housefull of very active (and handsome) boys!

     By the way, I just have to share with you one of my favorite Bible verses that seems as if it was made specifically for autumn:

    Psalm 65:11a – "Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness." (KJV)

    How perfectly poetic and true!

    (Two more days!)

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    Market Preview #3

    I'm back!

    I thought that before I continued with my laundry and housework and cleaning and organizing-before-leaving tasks, I would sit down here and say hello and show you my next release! I had a lot of fun designing this one.. my favorite thing to do is to mix traditional fall colors with surprise ones, and I hope you like how it turned out as much as I did! Thank you, Miss Rindy Richards, for your beautiful stitching. 🙂


    Harvest Keeper

    Stitch Count: 197w x 150h

    Fabric used: 35 ct. Confederate Gray by Weeks Dye Works

    Threads used: The Gentle Art (with their DMC equivalents in parentheses):
    Sarsaparilla (300)
    Raven (310)
    Woodrose (434)
    Brandy (676)
    Oatmeal (822)
    Piney Woods (730)
    Fudge Ripple (3032)
    Old Hickory (3045)
    Pecan Pie (3781)
    Wood Trail (3787)
    Grecian Gold (3829)
    Pomegranate (356)
    Lambswool (3864)

    The lovely, swirly-textured frame was done by Sherri Berkman at Total Framing in Virginia (703-426-0660).

    By the way, Harvest Keeper can be stitched as a sister to The Beekeeper, if you were inclined to pick this one up earlier this year. But she would also be just fine all on her own!

    Don't forget to let your shop owner know if you see anything online you'd like brought back to you… only 3 more days to go!

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    Market Preview #2

    Hi again!

    This morning I've got a little needle packet pouch to show you! I stitched this up very quickly, and if you've never used The Gentle Art's Burnt Orange floss before, it's such a treat to work with. The variation is so beautiful, and each flower turns out a little differently. (By the way, I like to cut a few different lengths from one skein of overdyed/variegated floss and alternate pulling strands out from each of them so that I can have less of a repeat in variation. Maybe you all do that too, but just in case you don't, I thought I'd share that with you – it's a fun little thing to be surprised with, as the new hues take turns showing up in your stitches.)

    Here is My Pinzzz…. the second of my three bee designs for market:


    Stitch Count: 76w x 77h

    Fabric used: 40 ct. Ale by Picture This Plus (using 36 ct. or lower
    would be perfectly fine.. it would still turn out to be miniature, although
    you may want to bring in the margin seams around your stitching when
    finishing it into a pocket in order to keep it small).

    The Gentle Art threads used (with their DMC equivalents in parentheses):
    Dark Chocolate (3021)
    Wood Smoke (3790)
    Caramel Corn (DMC 739)
    Endive (DMC 3011)
    Burnt Orange (DMC 376)
    Chamomile (DMC 371)
    Wood Trail (DMC 3031)

    I used a simple silk ribbon and an eyelet for the hanger, but you could easily attach a button and cording or trim, or not have a hanger at all. I usually have packets of needles here and there, and this keeps them all in a tidy little place. 🙂 It's a quick little project for a fall weekend, along with a cup of coffee or tea. (And the tea really should have honey in it, if you want to keep the theme of the pocket!)

    Some of you may have already seen this preview on Instagram, when I posted it a few days ago. If you're new to Instagram, there's a lot of fun stitching pictures to look at that will give you great motivation to pick up your own projects, or my favorite: order new ones! Instagram is available for both Android and Apple, so download the app and join the fun! (My user name is plumstreetsamplers, if you want to find me.)

    I'll see you soon with another preview! Only 4 more days to market!

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    Coming Soon to Market…

    Well goodness, I can't believe I'm leaving in just a few days for the St. Charles market, and I haven't even gotten a blog preview posted! As some of you know, I've been madly in love with bees lately… so much so that three of my six new market releases will be honeybee-themed!

    I just can't help myself!

    So to start out the preview-parade (ahem), the first sampler I'll show here is one that features a verse by Isaac Watts… and who hasn't wanted a pet rooster?


    Gather Honey tp

    Gathering Honey

    Stitch Count: 222(w) x 161(h)

    Fabric used: 40 ct. Espresso by R&R Reproductions

    The Gentle Art threads used (with DMC equivalents in parentheses):
    Mountain Mist (523)
    Tarnished Gold (610)
    Old Hickory (642)
    Endive (730) (2 skeins suggested)
    Grecian Gold (832)
    Lambswool (950)
    Wheat Fields (3045)
    Brandy (3046)
    Roasted Marshmallow (3047)
    Wood Trail (3781) (2 skeins suggested)
    Old Red Paint (3830)
    Oatmeal (Ecru)

    The absolutely gorgeous frame was done by none other than Sherri Berkman at Total Framing in Virginia!

    I'll be back soon with another market preview. In the meantime, I hope you're finding lots of other previews and sneak peeks online that you're calling your shop owner about… I tend to show a few things and hold a few things back, just because I never know if people like the pre-order with their shop, or if they simply love to be surprised! I may end up just showing them all on Friday night though, just before the early-bird portion of the market opens. 🙂

    I can't wait!

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    This Summer

    The brown-eyed susans are starting to open up, Sophie had her high school orientation yesterday, and the fall market is just around the corner – which means summer is nearing its end for this year, and I truly have no idea where it went!

    Thank you to so many of you who kindly emailed to ask about how Mike's broken leg was faring. It's been a long summer for him, but he's managed to keep himself as busy as one can when they're not allowed to walk for 8 weeks. (It was supposed to be 12 weeks, but his leg was healing nicely!) He's now hobbling around with a cane and a boot, and I'm sure in a few more weeks, he'll be fully balanced and maybe ready to ride his bike again.

    Anyway, I have hardly been at the computer this summer, but I took some much-needed time off from Plum Street Samplers (at my mother's urging, which I'm very thankful for) and decided to get back to the therapy of tending to my flowers (which I used to love to do so long ago!), cleaning out closets that desperately needed it, and driving Mike to-and-from wherever he needed to be.

    So here is a little of how my summer went, if you'd like to take a look. 🙂






    I love the little garden flag Sophie made for me when she was in the 3rd grade!





    Sophie got a surprise birthday party…





    Fezziwig has grown into a handsome boy who loves nothing more than to watch the birds outside…

    IMG_0759 tp

    And he loves to hide behind the couch too.


    And he loves to lay on top of model props.


    The July 4th holiday was quiet this year… Bre was unable to make the drive home, Sabrina was out of town, and Mike couldn't participate in the usual fireworks fun, but we still got together with my parents at their house and had a very nice evening. Here are some pictures from around their yard and deck…











    My dad and Mike played monkey ball, despite Mike having to sit down for the entire round. (By the way, my dad builds all the wood things you see in and around the yard; and he built their deck as well!)




    While the boys played in the back yard, Sophie lit her smoke bombs in the front, and caught some of her favorite little parachute firecrackers as well…




    We also had our usual cookout buffet, but I didn't take pictures of that. 🙂

    So that's a little of what we've been up to around here these past several weeks. We've had the perfect balance of rain and sun this season, and I've enjoyed going outside in the mornings to look at the new blooms. However, I've made the mistake – more than once – of sitting down on a porch chair to have my coffee, only to realize my pants are suddenly soaked because the morning dew has been so heavy on everything.

    And now it's time to move into fall, which means I need to get back to Plum Street and get ready for market. It's almost time! And I'm feeling refreshed, thank goodness! And thanks to Mom. 🙂