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    Pomp and Circumstance

    My girl graduated from high school this past weekend. She wasn't feeling very well, but was glad to walk that aisle and receive her diploma nonetheless. It was very difficult finding good seating in the auditorium, and I ended up in the very back, hoping I could get a few somewhat decent shots of Sabrina. When she got to her…

  • Crazy Kids


    One of my favorite things about Sophie is that no matter whose birthday it is, she's in the mood to celebrate it. She truly has a gift for making one feel absolutely special on their birthday, and I hope we made her feel the same on hers. After presents, we took her to one of her favorite restaurants, The Olive…

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    Paulette Who?

    My goodness, it's been ages! How have you been?    It's that crazier-than-usual time of year around here, what with all of the end-of-the-school-year events taking place, my youngest girl's birthday, doctor and orthodontic appointments, graduation preparations, and Bre dragging my bum to the gym every day. Here's just a bit from the last couple of weeks… My Joonie had a…

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    Hi everyone! Bre and I have been trying for a week to get her photo uploaded to a contest Smashbox Cosmetics has been running… the winner gets a trip to L.A. and a bunch of Smashbox goodies! Anyway, it's for fun, and Breanna dreams of a shrine full of mascaras. Ha! If anyone out there has a spare minute (another…

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    I am loved.

    Our house can be a loud, crazy, and demanding one, but it is also one that is full with love. And I am so very blessed that my family doesn't choose to show their caring only on Mother's Day…but yesterday was a more pronounced version of how sweet they can be. I mean, who wouldn't want to wake up to…

  • Crazy Kids

    Major Feat

    Recently I came out of shoe-painting retirement only briefly, when Breanna gave me a pouty face and handed me a new pair of white canvas shoes. Grr. Here they were after I finished all the doodling: And 5 hours later, the finished pair: One shoe tongue says "You lift me up." And the other says "You smell nice." One of…

  • Family

    Home Again

    My girl is home for the summer, which makes me one very happy mom… The only problem with this, however, is that she'll be expecting me to go to the gym with her. (When does school start again?)

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    Ladder Ball and Other Nonsense

    This past weekend we had a cookout, and Bre brought her friend Adam (who had just gotten himself a mohawk for an '80's-themed party). After our burgers and sides and Sophie's Incredible Orange Edible, Mike decided everyone would enjoy a game of Ladder Ball (also called Monkey Ball), so outside we went… Here's Adam, looking fierce, focused, and ready to…

  • Stitching

    Miss Eden

    It's been ages since I've had any personal stitching accomplishments, as I'm usually working on models. But with a little (er, a lot of) determination, I got this sampler finished. Finally! Here is Frances Eden (on Glenshee with DMC), who was aged 10 when she stitched her sampler… Now I'm kind of at a crossroads with my stitching… do I…