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    Sunday at the Races

    Yesterday Mike took Soph and I to Horseman's Park, bc it was the last day of the races here in Omaha. Despite the heat – and a nasty burn – we had a lot of fun. Here's Mike, explaining to Sophie how the racing and betting program works… (Instead of a new hat for the event, Sophie bought some new…

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    Cereal Killer

    This morning I found evidence that Breanna had been in the kitchen after I'd gone to bed last night:   Exhibit A: Dried Kashi cereal in a bowl. The other girls refuse to eat Kashi cereal. Exhibit B: Ladle. When all of the regular spoons in the drawer are used, Breanna has been known to resort to larger utensils, rather…

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    Finishes, Freaks, and a Freebie

    It occured to me yesterday after I posted this photo…   …that one of the sisters looks a little like this: I loved Beaker when I was growing up. And then there's this character, who reminds me of pretty much any Muppet. He got a little bummed that Breanna's muscles are almost as big as his are…   I think…

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    Black and White

    It's amazing how siblings turn out being so different from each other… if one is outgoing, another will be reserved; if one is the troublemaker, another will be the peace keeper. If one is a muscular, intimidating gym rat, another will be a slender, meek, timid mouse.     If one is Breanna, another is Sabrina. And vice-versa.

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    The Winners!

    Yes, you read that right – winners! As in three! I recalled that when I did my giveaway last year, I chose 3 people to win… the first number chosen won 5 charts, the second won 3, and the third won 1… I had my 3 girls choose 3 random numbers, and that's how the winners were selected. Thank you…

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    My Sabrina will be a senior this coming fall, and I still can't get over it. She was always the little girl with the huge blue eyes and the wispy, strawberry hair that wouldn't stay in place… she was the buck-toothed toddler bc of her love of thumb-sucking, the too-tall middle-schooler who had a -2 sized waist (and could never…

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    Sugar or Bust

    Recently Mike took Sophie to Kansas City for a fun dad-and-daughter trip. This was supposed to be all about an amusement park, a water park, and a baseball game, but it ended up being a "Hey Mom, glad you're not here" vacation. I'm generally the wet blanket for Miss Sophie when it comes to junk food. And although her dad…

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    Sabrina and I headed out today to scout out some places to take her senior photos. We had a lot of fun and took about 220 practice shots… and it’s a good thing they were just for practice, bc I realized in almost all of them, she was chewing gum! I did manage to find one image that didn’t give…