Sunday at the Races

Yesterday Mike took Soph and I to Horseman's Park, bc it was the last day of the races here in Omaha. Despite the heat – and a nasty burn – we had a lot of fun.

Here's Mike, explaining to Sophie how the racing and betting program works…

HP tp 1

(Instead of a new hat for the event, Sophie bought some new stick-on nails and applied those. Who doesn't wear black polish and skulls to the races?)

Of course, Mike and Sophie both decided that this was the horse to beat:

HP tp 2

The bugle sounds, and soon they're off!

HP tp 3

Woohoo, come on, Flashy Mike!

HP tp 4

Flashy Mike?

HP tp 5

Where in the hay is Flashy Mike?

HP tp 6

Look! There he is!

HP tp 7

HP tp 8

Come on, boy, you can do it! You only have one more lap to catch up!

HP tp 9

Okay, Flashy Mike sort of got left behind, but that's okay. He was fun to watch. 🙂

After that crushing defeat, Mike and Sophie decided it was time to eat…

HP tp 10 

…And they picnicked on the back of a fire truck.

HP tp 11

Soon Sophie was back to studying the numbers in the program…

HP tp 12

In the next race, Sophie chose a horse named No Matter What to win, and he did! Sophie was suddenly $18 richer, and decided to finish out her day at the races by jumping in the bounce houses and getting her face painted… Only in the Land of Opportunity can a 10-year-old bet horses and have her face painted on the same day.

HP tp 13

HP tp 14

HP tp 15

HP tp 16

(While Sophie was waiting in the hour-long line, Mike brought her a red snow cone.)

HP tp 17

I don't recall the Avatars having red lips and teeth, but that's okay. 🙂

HP tp 18

Mike walked over to speak with one of his former co-workers, Officer Cardinas, and Sophie was pleased to meet him.

HP tp 19

Remember when I mentioned that there was a "nasty burn" during the day? If you've ever accidentally touched your leg to a motorcycle muffler, you know exactly what I mean…

HP tp 24

None of us realized how badly it hurt her, bc all she allowed herself to say was "Ouch!" So we carried on…

HP tp 20 

HP tp 21

Something in her expression, however, told me that she wasn't feeling as lighthearted as she was moments ago, and as soon as she was off of the motorcycle, she walked away from the group and started to cry. 🙁

Her poor leg blistered up in the back, so the officers gave her some ice water from their cooler, and Mike tried comforting her, explaining that he didn't realize she was so close to the muffler. (Btw, the cops weren't at the races to show the public their motorcycles and let kids sit on them… we were just visiting them bc Mike knew who they were, and Soph thought it would be fun to sit on a motorcycle.)

To make her feel better, we went to Sophie's favorite restaurant: Olive Garden.

HP tp 22

Her Avatar makeup had a few tear-streaks in it, but eventually she cheered up.

HP tp 23 

Her dad has that effect on her. I guess that means Flashy Mike's a winner after all. 😉


  • Margaret

    Ouch!! Poor Sophie! I’m glad she had her flashy dad to make her feel better. Nice face paint too — I still remember all the long lines and face painting our kids went through when they were young. Never been to the races — looks like you had fun! Except for the burn. 🙁


    LOVE the face painting! looked great w/the red lips and the black press on nails!!!!!
    sorry to hear about the muffler burn….. but all in all, it looks like ya’ll had a fun time!!!

  • Linda Klinedinst

    Paulette…My one cousin who is no longer living…he was the Trainee for the Kentucky Derby….he was the trainer for all of the Horses that was ever in the Kentucky Derby from the time he started doing that up until he couldn’t do it any longer. He did that for about 30 years. My younger brother got to ride on one of the Horses at his Training Ranch that was in the Kentucky Derby. He thought that was pretty cool.
    Sorry to hear about Sophie’s Burn Spot on her leg…I bet that did hurt. The Poor girl.
    I love all of your pictures….I think it is pretty neat that Sophie got to sit on one of the Cop’s Motorcycle and wear his Helmet. I wish I was there with you guys just so I could do that too. Sit on a Cop’s Motorcycle and wear his Helmet.
    Take care & Stay Cool
    Happy Designing Paulette
    Linda K, Railroad

  • connie adrian

    Poor Sophie! I have indeed felt the pain of a muffler burn(and refused to tell the hunk that gave me the Harley ride that I had burnt myself!)Flashy Mike saves the day and their historian was there to record the event!
    Her face painting matched Mike’s shirt! LOL! We need to have someone take over the camera and see your day sometime!
    Your Omaha fan,

  • Jan

    Oh my, I remember having one of those burns, they are horrid! Poor, poor Sophie, sounds like she took it like a real trooper! Got the love the fun that is always shining on her sweet face!!

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