Week Seven

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! My oldest daughter, Bre, cooked her first Thanksgiving dinner at her home this year, since she couldn't make it to Nebraska. I was so sad not to have her there with us for the first time in 25 years, but I am so happy that she seemed very content in her own kitchen. It warmed my heart!

And so we embark on the Christmas season with our nine dancing ladies!

Week 7 Sampler Layout

Click here to print Ninth Day: Download Nine Ladies Dancing

I've so enjoyed seeing all of the progress on the Sunday Mystery Samplers.. thank you for sharing your pieces! All of the color changes have been so fun to see. 🙂

Seven Swans a-Swimming

ETA: The blog post below was pre-blogged earlier in the week and scheduled to publish today. Before you get to it, I would like to express my sincere sorrow for the people of France, for the heartbreaking events of tonight, Friday evening. My prayers are lifted up for you.


I'm so excited for the Christmas season! I recently purchased a Bluetooth speaker to listen to Pandora Christmas stations, and it's put me in the mood for snow, snow, snow!

Anyway, welcome to Week 5. Have fun!

Week 5 Sampler Layout

Click here to print the Seventh Day chart: Download Seven Swans a-Swimming

Five Gold Rings

Here we are at Week 3!

How is everything going? I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's progress on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you all for posting your pictures!

Happy First of November!

Week 3 Sampler Layout

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