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    Happy Lovely Pink.

    Pink has always been my favorite color, although, until this year, I've never done a lot of designing with it. I've been in such a mood for spring that it's made me turn temporarily from my usual palette of espresso browns and piney greens and embrace my love of happy, lighter colors.

    I've had this antique for a little while now, and suddenly I want to reproduce it.

    Esther tp

    Miss Syer stitched her sampler in the year 1796, and although the colors have faded a bit, in my opinion it has retained its soft, quiet beauty.

    It's such a feminine sampler, and I can't wait to show it to you. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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    Coming Soon!

    I've been dreaming of the day the birds would finally return to my area, filling the mornings with their lovely melodies. However, I did not expect that when they did return, they'd begin their birdsong at precisely 3:25 a.m. every single day, beckoning me to join them for the sunrise.

    Nevermind that they're 3 hours early, and at that hour, birdsong sounds a bit more like birdracket.

    Regardless, I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to them, and this next release is dedicated to spring's bright and cheerful return…

    Trellis Blackbirds tp

    Trellis Blackbirds

    Stitch Count: 130w x 121h

    Fabric Used: 35 ct. Lucky Penny by R&R Reproductions

    (This color is a soft aqua color, very much like what weathered copper
    looks like when it turns that lovely shade of green… but this
    design would also look lovely on a nice neutral color, such as
    Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens. Use whatever color you love!)

    Threads Used:
    WEEKS DYE WORKS in Onyx, Baked Apple, Guacamole,
    Charlotte's Pink, Havana, and Seagull.
    GENTLE ART SAMPLER THREADS in Baby Spinach and Pomegranate.
    DMC in 3864.*

    I do not have a DMC conversion available at the moment, but I'll
    do my best to get working on that and post it when I have it.

    *If you are substituting your fabric, you may wish to adjust this particular color to
    something a bit darker in the DMC line.

    You can order this gorgeous frame from the lovely Sherri Berkman at
    Total Framing in Virginia. Find Total Framing on Facebook, or visit
    www.totalframing.biz. Thank you, Sherri, for the amazing job you
    always do on my frames!

    The model was stitched by Prudence Goodspeed. Thank you so much, dear friend.


    I hope to have this chart printed up very soon, and off to the shops on my auto by next week! I hope you all are enjoying your spring wherever you are, and may you hear only birdsong in your mornings. 🙂

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    On Prudence

    I got the model for On Prudence back from Sherri at Total Framing, and immediately sent it off to the printer for a Monday release! I hope you all like it.. I had a lot of fun working with these colors – especially the odd spot of Weeks Dye Works' Sea Foam in the leaves here and there, and The Gentle Art's beautiful Loganberry and Raspberry Frost. As I said in an earlier post, with these gloomy days we've been having, it was a fun color palette to work with!

    Tp op-3

    I love sending things off to Sherri to be framed.. it's always a surprise to see what comes back to me. (Once, she tortured me with a texted photo of my model in-framing-progress, but she cropped out the moulding. Bah, Sherri!!)

    Tp op

    Tp op-2

    The verse was a fun one, and one that can sometimes be found on very old samplers. It reads:

    What's in thy mind let no one know
    Nor to thy friends thy secrets show
    For if thy friends should prove thy foe
    Then all the world thy secrets know.

    (I had to laugh when Katrina said to me, "That's not directed at me, is it?")

    The shops on my auto will have this either by Monday or very early next week, while the distributors will have it shortly thereafter.

    OP tp

    In case you'd like to stitch this sampler, here is the information you'll need to kit it:

    On Prudence

    STITCH COUNT: 303w x 263h

    36 ct. Vintage Navy Bean by Lakeside Linens.
    Suggested alternatives: Olde Towne Blend by R&R, or
    any neutral fabric; both cool and warm colors will work
    well with this sampler.

    Weeks Dye Works in Artichoke (2 skeins suggested), Merlot,
    Sea Foam, Mulberry, Tatanka, Dirt Road, Stepping Stone,
    Sea Gull, and Havana.
    The Gentle Art in Dried Thyme (2 skeins suggested), Linen,
    Wood Trail, Oatmeal, Raspberry Frost, Cinders, and Loganberry.

    IF CONVERTING TO DMC: 154, 3363, 523, 902, 819, 3813,
    3740, 838, 3787, 611, 3861, 3041, 646, 3781, 315, and Ecru.

    STITCHES USED: All cross stitch over 2 threads.

    Total Framing
    (Sherri Berkman)

    I hope you all are enjoying the first days of spring, although outside my window, it certainly looks like winter! I suppose I'll have to go find a new color palette to work with . 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    Zoya and Hawg

    Happy April to you all!

    A couple of years ago, I designed this little chart for my friend Katrina to stitch for her husband, who loves to take his motorcycle out on beautiful summer days. I thought since today was a day for silliness, I'd go ahead and share it here with you all, just in case there are any stitchers out there who like to ride motorcycles themselves, or know someone who does.

    Katrina, have you stitched this yet?

    Well? Have you??   😉

    Please click on the link below the post to print out your chart, and not on the image. 🙂

    Zoya and Hawg Complimentary Chart COLOR

    Download Zoya and Hawg Complimentary Chart PRINTOUT