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    Yesterday Sophie got her hair cut in a "long bob," as she put it. I love how it turned out, and told her I wanted to take her picture on the front porch, since the pink sky was so bright and pretty. She tried involving the little pooches, but that didn't really work out very well…

    Tp 7

    Tp 6

    Tp 4

    Soon Tasha showed up…

    Tp 1

    …and tried to figure out how to do the supermodel pose…

    Tp 2

    But each time she tried, the same embarrassing thing would happen:

    "One eye on the camera, one eye on the Yorkie. Blast it all, I give up."…

    Tp 5

    It was exhausting for both of them…

    Tp 3

    Eventually the pooches began their jealous fussing at each other, so Sophie decided to go it alone…

    Tp 9

    Which was fine with me!

    Tp 10

    I love your new haircut, Sophie! And I love you!

    Btw, I wished my sister a Happy Birthday yesterday, but I'd like to wish her another one here. Happy Birthday, Audrey!

    Texas tp 30 

    Tp 11

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    Harry and Stuff

    Today we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (I used to have a crush on Ralph Fiennes until he became He-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Spoken, btw. Now he just gives me the shivers.) 

    Sabrina works at the movie theater, and when Harry Potter first opened, the employees were "assigned" to different Hogwart's houses, and Sabrina was given Hufflepuff. I wasn't home to take her picture before she left for work, so I begged her to take one for me. Here she is in her self-portrait, and I think she looked quite lovely in her school uniform!


    Other than the first movie of the HP series, this one was my very favorite, and I can't wait for part 2!

    Recently Mike and Sophie started building a Legos kit for Hagrid's Hut… Mike took these pictures, along with about 337 others…

    Hpotter tp 1 

    Hpotter tp 2 

    Hpotter tp 3 

    It's amazing what Legos comes up with. I bought a Christmas advent calendar for Mike and Sophie to start on December 1st, and I'm as excited as they are to see what's behind each little door. Here they are after putting together a little snowman last week…

    Legos tp

    They kind of remind me of the Malfoys when they get together.

    Again, with the shivers.

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    Thanksgiving Day

    Now that I'm coming out of my tryptophan-induced stupor, I can let you all know that our Thanksgiving was wonderful! My mother cooked a fabulous turkey, along with everything that usually goes along with it, and all I had to bring this year were a couple of side dishes and dessert. Sophie wanted cupcakes, so after hesitating a bit, I thought, "Well, why not?"  So we brought cupcakes (which Sophie made all by herself), chocolate cream pies, mint kiss cookies, and I think that's it. Mom had the pound cake and maple pumpkin pie.

    But she didn't have her famous orange punch, which we shall never forgive her for.

    And as usual, her centerpiece was to die for! Can you believe she made those candle holders? (Mike actually asked her, "Oh, so you've taken up glass-blowing?" Oh good grief. Men.)

    Tg tp 1

    Breanna became drowsy first, so up the stairs she went and crawled under my parents' heated blanket…

    Tg tp 2

    She was snuggled in and ready to dream about studly Pilgrim men when suddenly, who should appear but…

    Tg tp 3

    Needless to say, the Studly-Pilgrim-rescues-the-beautiful-young-lady-Pilgrim-from-the-clutches-of-the-Wampanoag-witch-doctor fantasy didn't last long.

    Or maybe that was my fantasy… moving on.

    Sabrina headed back downstairs to mind her own business, and along came her father, tired of the peace and quiet…

    Tg tp 4

    The picture below strikes me as odd, bc apparently Mike whipped Sabrina up out of that seat so fast, her left foot disappeared…

    Tg tp 5

    Sophie, who was sitting on a nearby couch, disapproved of the racket they were making. She was trying to play on my mother's iPad, and they were distracting her…

    Tg tp 6

    I really didn't take that many pictures on Thanksgiving. I was too busy eating and trying to keep the conversation going so fast that Mike couldn't get six words in edge-wise. These words in particular:

    "Who wants to play a game?"

    Happy Leftovers!

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    Woot! Woot!

    I have never won anything. So you can imagine my utter shock (if you've been so lucky as to experience it) when it was announced on Tara Whitney's photography blog that I won a camera bag! A Ketti bag, to be exact!

    I. Could. Not. Believe. It.

    ME??? Did her announcement actually read "And the winner is…. PAULETTE STEWART!!!"

    I was beaming the entire day. No matter what I did, my face was fixed in a grin. I'm so excited about it, I made a freebie to celebrate! But first, here are some pictures of my new camera bag (which is complete with awesome compartments inside for holding lenses and a body)…

    Ketti tp 1

    Isn't it lovely? It's the Berry bag. Ahhhhh…. love!

    And it has the cutest little feet…

    Ketti tp 4

    And hardware!

    Ketti tp 2

    Ketti tp 3

    My sister made fun of me when I visited her in Texas this summer bc I had a camera bag the size of a suitcase (a Crumpler "Seven Million Dollar Home" bag) that I lugged with me everywhere. She let me cram my stuff into her fancy Coach bag instead, so I wouldn't look like a tourist. Now she can walk next to me and not pretend she doesn't know me!

    Anyway, I am a very happy girl for winning such a prize. If you have something to celebrate (or you know someone who does!), maybe you'd like to stitch this little chart – if you can sit still long enough to do it. 🙂

    Here is the actual .pdf to click (don't click on the image): Download Woot.

    Use whatever color – or color combinations – you want! Perhaps you'd like this way…


    Or what about this?


    Maybe you'd like to celebrate your independence…


    Or help a loved one celebrate theirs!


    Please note these changes from the original chart:

    1. The patriotic version uses white/ecru to "line" the inside of the flag, which is not shown on the printout.

    2. The "pink" version does not have the breast cancer awareness ribbon on the printout, but is easily duplicated by referring back to the above image, or by stitching the ribbon your own way.

    (Btw, I think a great gift idea to give to a breast cancer survivor would be one of The Attic's Recipes for a Cure cookbooks, along with the "pink" version stitched into a small pillow or ornament. This is by no means a plug, but just an idea. And there are other fabulous charts out there to choose from if you're not fond of this one, of course!)

    (I really hope I didn't sound presumptuous with my idea!)

    Anyway, I'm off to go sit with my new Ketti bag in my lap. Maybe I'll go rearrange the contents again, just bc it's fun.

    Or maybe I should lay off the caffeine.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    P.S. Here is Tara Whitney's blog, and here is Ketti Handbags. 🙂

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    Pink Christmas Ribbons

    As many of you know, The Attic Needleworks holds a silent auction each year to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This year they went a step further and had a "cookbook with benefits" published, of which I was asked to be a small part. What an honor! The book is called Recipes for a Cure, and all of the designs in the book were stitched by Paula Sibbald of Kelmscott Designs, and then donated to The Attic's silent auction. What a labor of love!

    If you'd like to bid on any of these ornaments – as well as many other ornaments, gorgeous samplers and vintage needlework accessories! – please click on this link and head over to the newsletters to see all of the beautiful stitched pieces that are up for auction…


    I greatly admire the effort that the ladies at The Attic – and all those who donated their time by stitching those wonderful pieces – put in for a cause that is so close to many people's hearts.

    Enjoy your day!

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    A Sad Announcement

    Prince Charles has announced the engagement of his son, William, to the lovely Kate Middleton.

    These past twenty years, I've been saving Breanna for Wills. But apparently he didn't get the memo.

    Royal tp 1

    Royal tp 2

    Royal tp 3

    Royal tp 4

    I suppose we'll have to just stick with being America's royalty.

    Royal tp 5

    I guess we weren't meant to be Tudors. Tooters, maybe, but not Tudors.

    P.S. I think Mike is hot in that rough rider getup.

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    Orange is…

    …the new bag of Thanksgiving Blend, sitting invitingly on my kitchen counter…

    Orange tp 3

    …the color of highlighter I'm using on a model pattern…

    Orange tp 2

    …the cinnamon-y pumpkin hand sanitizer from Yankee Candle I put on my hands before I stitch bc it smells so good…

    Orange tp 4

    …my sweet Sophie's swim cap…

    Orange 1 tp

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    Vintage Christmas

    Recently my mom and I headed out to one of our favorite little shops called Weathered and Worn. The shop was having its Christmas open house, so we decided to visit and see if there was anything either of us "needed."

    One of the things I always tell myself I'm going to purchase each year – but never end up doing it – is a vintage-y Christmas ornament. I have to laugh at how so many things are made to look old. I imagine if I were around in the 40's or 50's and saw something in the store that was beat up or tarnished or chipped, I'd be aghast and never shop there again.

    (I also know that if someone were to tell me back in 1984 that kids in the 2000's would dress in clothing from the '80's and call it a Halloween costume, I'd be aghast at that too.)

    Anyway, this year was finally the year I purchased a vintage-y Christmas ornament, and I love it! Here it is:

    Ornament tp 4

    Mom got the coolest vintage-y post card made into an ornament, and I did my best to make some more when I got home. Mine didn't turn out nearly as well as the store-bought one, but they were fun to make.

    Ornament tp 1

    Ornament tp 2

    Ornament tp 3

    Here are the backs of a couple…

    Ornament tp 5

    Ornament tp 6

    They were super easy! All you need is some paper and chipboard and ribbon, and anything you want to make it look old. 

    Now I'm ready for Christmas to get here, and I haven't even taken down the Halloween decorations.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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    Despite my angry outbursts at spoiled doggy behavior, threats to send anything with fur to the glue factory, and refusing to share my ice cream, this creature insists that I am hers. I have tried for a year now to convince her to go love somebody else, but she is steadfast in her mission to make me love her.

    Yorkie tp 4

    Yorkie tp 5

    Yorkie tp 3

    Yorkie tp 1

    Yorkie tp 2

    She's a patient soul.

    Maybe I'll keep her around.