A Sad Announcement

Prince Charles has announced the engagement of his son, William, to the lovely Kate Middleton.

These past twenty years, I've been saving Breanna for Wills. But apparently he didn't get the memo.

Royal tp 1

Royal tp 2

Royal tp 3

Royal tp 4

I suppose we'll have to just stick with being America's royalty.

Royal tp 5

I guess we weren't meant to be Tudors. Tooters, maybe, but not Tudors.

P.S. I think Mike is hot in that rough rider getup.


  • Denise

    You are just too funny! How do you come up with all this funny stuff????
    Love your blog and your designs. Keep both coming!

  • lilicouette

    the costumes are incredible! your husband as a king it ‘s very great! but for the second picture; i’m not sure to undersatnd and to replace you correctly, did you just pass your head in the decor? or did you were all wearing a costume?
    and if it is that, it’s unbelievable how your daugther have changed! but funny pics and funny coms! bisous

  • Catherine

    You are hysterical!! But why is Mike’s gun pointed at your head and Bre’s pointed at Sabrina’s??
    Tooters – guess that’s what happens when you eat the beans from the chuck wagon!!

  • connie

    I love it. You are to creative. By the way, I was hoping our youngest daughter would somehow meet the Prince. Oh well-a…. like you said, we are more tooters than tudors. Thanks for my giggle of the day.

  • Robin Hager

    You are too funny! At least you’re holding a great selection of beverage in your hand! LOL! That’s the only way I would have survived the old West!

  • Linda Klinedinst

    I just love your Photos that you take of your Family…they are so funny and cute and adorable. I love the one with your whole family all dressed up in their fancy gowns and etc. Yes Mike you do look very handsome in your outfit too. I do have to agree with your wife Paulette.
    Mike – I always say a prayer for you and your family that you will always be safe at your job and what you do. My Church always prays every Sunday for all of the Emergency Personnel and I have a real good friend as well as a Nephew and a brother who is in Police Work so I know the dangers that it is involved with your line of work. May you always stay safe Mike.
    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs -:) from Cold Northern Indiana
    Linda K, Railroad

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