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    The Grand Finale!

    Well here we are.. the very last week. Twelfth Day!

    I hope you've enjoyed this stitch-along. I am so grateful to all of you who have been so willing to share your progress.. it's been so much fun! Whether you've decided to stitch all twelve days as a sampler or divide them up into individual ornaments, I hope you have a finished project you are happy with.

    Twelve Days of Christmas

    Click here to print Twelfth Day: Download Twelve Drummers Drumming

    Click here to print the Sampler Layout (one page) (optional): Download Twelve Days of Christmas Sampler Layout

    Click here to print the entire Sampler Chart (four pages) (optional): Download Twelve Days of Christmas Sampler Chart

    I wish you all a very, Merry Christmas!

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    Before the Fall is Officially Over…

    I figured with Christmas fast approaching, these pictures were too outdated to post. But we're having fall-like temperatures around here, so why not? It's been sunny and windy and 60's-ish here, so here I go! 🙂

    Sabrina and Sophie and I took a trip to the pumpkin patch just a couple of short months ago, and as usual, we had way too much kettle corn and chili dogs and root beer. But it was so much fun! I sure do miss my girls being little, but they manage to giggle and be silly just the same.










    Okay, I guess I can loosen my grip on fall now. Bring on the winter!


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    Quick Update…

    I just want to hop on here really quickly and let you all who inquired know that I will be mailing out the new releases to shops as soon as my printer can have them back to me! Right now, the shops that have them posted online are taking pre-orders. But they will be in-store soon! 🙂

    I hope you all are having a lovely week!

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    Final Releases for 2015

    My goodness, where did January go? Is it already December first? That truly doesn't seem possible.

    Here are my very last releases for this year.. I hope you've enjoyed all of the projects you've worked on, whether you finished them or not! Please let your shop owner know if there are any of these below that you'd like for her/him to order in for you.


    This is the one I stitched for my mother last year for Christmas! After I give you the information for this release, I'll tell you the changes I made on it from my mom's piece to the model, in case there is any confusion out there.


    The stitch count for this is 106w x 100h, and the model's fabric was 36 ct. Vintage Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens. The threads (one strand over two linen threads) used were a combination of The Gentle Art (GA) and Classic Colorworks (CC) in the following colors (with DMC in parentheses): GA Old Hickory (611), GA Cherry Bark (221), GA Sable (3781), GA Caramel Corn (437), GA Oatmeal (3865), GA Dried Thyme (3011), GA Parchment (822), GA Antique Rose (223); CC Balsam Fir (935), and CC Hickory Sticks (834).

    The model was stitched by the ever-amazing Deborah Bixby.. but you may recognize her as cranberrysampling on Instagram. I believe she had it finished in 11.34 minutes. Or so it seemed. Thank you, Deborah!

    The frame for this piece is by Sherri Berkman at Total Framing in Fairfax, Virginia. She does such an amazing job! Thank you, Sherri!

    Now.. here's the information on my mom's piece, as many of you saw it last year (pictured below):

    Photo 3

    This original Merry Brew was stitched on 32 ct. Plum Street Paddock by R&R Reproductions using two strands of floss over two linen threads. The threads used were The Gentle Art in Toasted Barley (611), Cucumber (935), Cherry Bark (221), Walnut (646), Caramel Corn (437), Oatmeal (3865), Dried Thyme (3011), Parchment (822), Carriage Black (844), and Antique Rose (223). These original supplies are not listed on the new release, and I honestly don't recall why I ever changed the colors, but I believe it has something to do with not being able to find my original list of threads used until very recently. 🙂

    Next up:


    I've had lots of requests for a Christmas tart to add to the Jack's Sweet Shoppe collection, so I finally got one done!


    The stitch count for the tart is 77w x 69h, and it is stitched on 36 ct. Olde Towne Blend by R&R Reproductions. The threads (one strand over two linen threads) used are by The Gentle Art (GA), Weeks Dye Works (WDW), and DMC in the following colors: Antique Lace (822), Espresso Bean (3371), Portabella (612), Garden Gate (3787), Endive (730), Heirloom Gold (only four stitches total in this color)(729), WDW Baked Apple (3777), and DMC B5200 (B5200).

    There is optional chenille trim around the piece, which can be purchased from Dyeing to Stitch at 757-366-8740, and the tarts can either be purchased by your local shop (if they choose to stock them) or ordered from www.amazon.com or www.wilton.com (tarts come in sets of 6, and they are the 4.75" size with the removable bottoms). As usual, finishing instructions are included with each tart chart. Don't be afraid of them! They're very easy!

    And lastly…


    This is the follow-up to Merry One, which is sold out. I showed this design on Instagram yesterday, and noted that I was curious to see if anyone would change Santa's coat to red! I love it when I see the changes people make to designs to suit their personal tastes. 🙂 As usual, this chart comes with the threads and trim to complete one project. You supply whichever color and count fabric you like!


    The stitch count for Merry Two is 129w x 62h, and the model was stitched with Weeks Dye Works on 36 ct. Stars Hollow Blend from R&R Reproductions. Most of it is stitched with one strand over two linen threads, but here are the places you will switch to over one thread: Santa's eye, the snowman's eye and mouth, and the snowman's buttons. If you abhor over-one stitching or are stitching on Aida, you may certainly substitute the over-one areas with seed beads or French knots, or stitch them over two threads, making a few minor adjustments. Any way you choose will be wonderful!

    As with the other Serial Bowl Collection kits, these are limited in number. The Sampler Lessons series has one more kit to go, to be released next year, and the Bowl Full of Merries series will go on indefinitely – most likely with two per year being released. But I do have lots of other themes in mind, so if you are waiting on anything in particular, I imagine it's on its way! 🙂

    I will be back soon to post some pictures I took at the pumpkin patch with the girls.. there is snow on the ground as I write this, but I still haven't had my fill of orange and red and bonfires and acorns and those last warm days of autumn.

    Enjoy your week!