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    Bean, Bean, the Party Machine.

    That was the nickname given to Sabrina at summer camp one year when she was in middle school, and she's definitely still living up to it at twenty. But in a good way, mind you;  she loves to have fun wherever she goes, despite the new nickname given to her in college: Soberina. 🙂

    This past weekend we headed to Kansas City to celebrate Sabrina's twentieth birthday by heading to the USA – Jamaica World Cup Qualifier. This was something we knew Bean would love to do, because when she was an exchange student in Germany, one of the highlights of her visit was getting to go to a Public Viewing, which in this case refers to the public's gathering to view a football game; her host family was quite proud of her for donning the colors of Deutschland!

    This time, however, she was wearing her patriotic colors, joining the throngs of American Outlaw crazies who were there to cheer the USA on to victory. What a party!








    I'd be horrified at all those cameras pointing at me…


    After the game, the USA members walked the perimeter of the field, which was really fun for the specatators…


    What a fun time that was! The next morning we headed to IHOP for Sabrina's birthday breakfast, and she insisted on bringing her unopened gifts into the restaurant to open them there. 🙂 (Didn't I say she loves to have fun wherever she's at?)


    After our pancake breakfast we headed to Worlds of Fun and spent the day riding rides and going into haunted houses…

    I love this picture of Bean and Soph trying to take a selfie on the Fjord Fairlane ride…

    IMG_2116 cr

    We sure missed having Bre with us… I think it was her first year not being able to celebrate her sister's birthday with us, but her job wouldn't allow her the time off. 🙁


    Happy 20th birthday, Bean. We love you so much! Now let's see if you can hang onto that Soberina title for one more year… 😉

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    Warrior Dash!

    This past weekend, Mike and his buddy Jeff ran together in Omaha's Warrior Dash. The day was extremely windy and hot, leaving me to wonder how those who survived the Dust Bowl did it with their sanity intact. But nothing would deter these two – and 20,000 others – from embarking on this much-anticipated race.

    Wd tp 28

    Here we go!

    Wd tp 26

    Wd tp 27

    Here they are, in line for a drink of water before heading to the start line…

    Wd tp 15

    Minutes after wishing them luck and watching them disappear into the crowd of contestants, they returned and told us that despite the fright it may cause, the heat had forced them to come to this critical decision: they needed to run shirtless.

    Wd tp 14

    You go, boys.

    The race was supposed to take around an hour or so to complete, and involved 1.5 miles of running up and down steep hills, and then leading into another 2 miles of challenging obstacles, including climbing 15' walls, swimming through a lake, hurdling fire pits, and wading waste-high through thick mud. Just to name a few.

    Wd tp 13

    Once they took off, Soph and I desperately sought a shady place to sit, but there was none to be found. With dirt in our teeth, grit on our faces, and hot sun on our necks, we roamed the grounds, hoping the boys could break all records and complete the race in about 6 minutes tops. 

    Eventually, we found a place to purchase some lunch, and discovered that there was a shady place to have a picnic after all…

    Wd tp 11

    This was the view from where we lunched:

    Wd tp 12

    And these were my once-white tennis shoes:

    Wd tp 10

    After eating, we decided to head over to where the finish line was, hoping to catch Mike and Jeff cross in. We were there about 2 minutes before they came into view. (Thank goodness we got there when we did; it only took them about 44 minutes to complete the race!)

    Wd tp 9

    Wd tp 8

    Wd tp 7

    Wd tp 6

    Soph wouldn't pose with her dad until he promised not to touch her…

    Wd tp 4

    Wd tp 3

    After receiving their medals, they headed over to the Warrior Wash, which was an area where a truck stood, rigged with a huge water hose. Everyone massed together to be hosed off, and I imagine Mike probably did his best Charlton Heston imitation (in Planet of the Apes) when it happened. Just sayin'.

    Wd tp 16

    This was where one could leave their shoes if they didn't want to wear them back home…

    Wd tp 1

    But of course, the boys decided to keep their shoes on. And their wives had no idea why.

    Wd tp 17

    Btw, the above photo was taken after their shower.

    Here they are with their race shirts back on, celebrating their victory over the course…

    Wd tp 18

    Jeff decided to check if the medals were real gold, and Mike just wanted to bite something.

    Wd dtp 19

    Then, in true warrior fashion, they started chewing on their turkey legs…

    Wd tp 22

    And in true juvenile fashion, they started sparring with them…

    Wd tp 23

    They thought it would be good to show off their sponsor's tee shirts…

    Wd tp 21

    Wd tp 20

    And since their sponsor was a martial arts school, they started making those "hy-YAH" noises and kicking the air…

    Wd tp 25

    Once they calmed down, we headed for home. And all the while, Mike insisted I would love running the race with him next year. But I'll leave that to these two hooligans.

    Wd tp 2

    Next goal: The Tough Mudder 2013!

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    I realize the World Cup is over, but before the last match that Germany played, Mike decided to take Sabrina and Sophie to a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings to have lunch and watch the game. So the crazies put on their jerseys (that Sabrina brought them from Germany) and Mike thought it would be a good idea for me to take pictures before they left…

    Fifa tp 1

    Fifa tp 2

    Mike gets bored when the camera is pointed at other people for too long, so I humored him a bit…

    Fifa tp 3

    Then I turned the camera back to the other members of the team…

    Fifa tp 4

    …although Mike (and Sophie) still thought I was focusing on him.

    Fifa tp 5 

    "Over here! Over here!" Mike called…

    Fifa tp 7

    "Oh, that's cute, honey. Good job," I said.

    Fifa tp 12 

    "Maybe this will get her attention," Mike thought…

    Fifa tp 14

    "You're so funny, sweety!" I cheered.

    Fifa tp 8

    "Oh, that's nice too, honey," I said. "Look at Sabrina!"

    Fifa tp 13 

    "But I'm not done yet!" Mike cried…

    Fifa tp 9 

    "I can see that," I mumbled. "Way to go, Sophie!"

    Fifa tp 6 

    Meanwhile, the kids are wondering if they'll ever actually make it to Buffalo Wild Wings…

    Fifa tp 10

    Thankfully, they did…

    Fifa tp 11

    Fifa tp 15 

    …And I was left at home to go recharge my camera batteries.