• Freebie

    Compliments of Autumn

    It's the most beautiful time of year! Please enjoy this free chart, while I'm busy working on a few more models. 🙂 Remember not to click on the image for the download, but rather here: Download Autumn Blessings Enjoy your day!

  • Friends,  Stitching

    Heaven Gave…Friends

    My very first internet-friend, Chris, finished my Heaven Gave Rain pattern recently, and she sent photos to prove it. :)  I'm always pressing Chris to start a blog to showcase her work, bc truly she has the most amazing eye for color and decor. Everything she touches is transformed into something beautiful! Thank you for sharing these with me, dear…

  • Crazy Kids

    Homecoming 2010!

    The last Homecoming dress, the last Homecoming hairstyle, the last Homecoming jewelry.. all of it is behind me until my Sophie goes to her first Homecoming dance – in 2014. This past weekend was so much fun, and volunteering our home for a potluck dinner (instead of the kids in Sabrina's group all heading to different restaurants) made it even…

  • Family,  Good Things


    Mike and I cannot express our thanks enough to those of you who supported and encouraged Mike through your comments, emails, and giving. We were overwhelmed by the generosity shown, and thanks to you all, Mike exceeded his financial goal he set for his team – and he completed his very first 10K race! (I think I mentioned before that…

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    Work it, Girl

    A few days ago, Sophie and I walked Mike out to his car before he left for work for the evening. I noticed that the sun was shining beautifully on Sophie's hair, and I asked her if she minded if I took her picture. She agreed, and then I asked her if she wanted me to take lots of pictures…

  • Ramblings

    Fowl Play

    Ever since I started keeping my bird feeders filled, I've had birds in my back yard that would make Alfred Hitchcock envious. (Nevermind that his movie wasn't called The Finches.) However, lately I've noticed a peculiar absence of fowl at my feeders. Nary a feather can be found, except for the stray one on the ground. Don't worry, that verse…

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    Thank you!

    I got the sweetest gift in the mail from Queen Betty, and I just had to share it here! I love rubber stamps, and what could be better than a crown stamp? LOVE! What an unexpected surprise! Thank you sooooooo much, Betty! 🙂 And while I'm sharing, I have to show you Karen's finish of one of the patterns in…

  • Family

    Funds for Lungs

    Mike has been running every day, training his manly self to run in Omaha's 10K Corporate Cup on the 20th of this month. He is not a natural-born runner, nor has he ever aspired to be, but when a friend on the police department invited him to be on the team, he decided to give it a try. Then he…

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    As most of you know by now (bc of my gushing on Twitter and Facebook), Breanna has started her own cross-stitch designing business under the name Hodgepodge Cottage. The name she finally settled on couldn't be more perfect! (She started out with Frilly Lilly, but found that the domain name had already been claimed by someone… then she jokingly called…