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Homecoming 2010!

The last Homecoming dress, the last Homecoming hairstyle, the last Homecoming jewelry.. all of it is behind me until my Sophie goes to her first Homecoming dance – in 2014. This past weekend was so much fun, and volunteering our home for a potluck dinner (instead of the kids in Sabrina's group all heading to different restaurants) made it even more memorable!

Before the potluck on Saturday evening, we all laughed (and fretted) that none of the kids would remember to bring any food, so I made sure to have enough pulled pork to feed 4 NFL teams and their families. I also had scotcharoos, tortilla rollups (which remained in the refrigerator, completely forgotten), my mom's famous punch, and all the soda-pop you could imagine.

However, not one child showed up on my doorstep without a food item. Therefore, I still have enough pulled pork to feed 4 NFL teams and their families. (But thanks to myself, there is no more of my mom's famous punch left.)

Here are some moments from Saturday night…(There are varied colors and textures in some of the photos bc they were immediately edited for Sabrina's Facebook page; since kids love all kinds of different looks to their pictures, that's what you see!)

Hc tp 23

This is Collin, one of Sabrina's best friends. Her other bestie (Katie) was at a debate tournament this weekend, so instead of the three amigos attending together, it was just Collin and Bean…

Hc tp 22

And guess what! Collin won Homecoming King! Congratulations, Collin!

Hc tp 24 

Right on time, the guests began to arrive…

Hc tp 8

Aren't these girls just the cutest things? I wondered why they looked so tan in this photo, and then I realized it's because the sun was bouncing off of my yellow house onto their lovely faces!

Hc tp 21

I love looking at how the girls choose to wear their hair. Sabrina's hairdresser chose to do a pin-up girl style on her, which I loved…

Hc tp 27

Hc tp 26

Hc tp 25 

Sophie quietly watched from the side…

Hc tp 31 

…and then Collin let her have some fun by trying on his Homecoming King crown…

Hc tp 10

Hc tp 29 

Hc tp 28

The theme at the high school was Dr. Seuss, so we decided to match it at the potluck…

Hc tp 9 

(Each of the tables had books and flowers, and balloons to match.)

Before eating, the kids decided to head outside for a few photos…

Hc tp 4

Hc tp 7

Hc tp 3

Hc tp 18

Hc tp 6 

(Another of Sabrina's friends, Makenzie, won Homecoming Queen! Congratulations, Makenzie!)

Hc tp 5 

Hc tp 15

Hc tp 17

Hc tp 14

I loved Sabrina's jewelry…

Hc tp 13 

Mikey in the middle…

Hc tp 16 

Hc tp 2

What a great group of kids this was! Everyone was so polite and sweet, and nothing at all like the rambunctious freshmen they were just a few short years ago…

Hc tp 20 

Before she left, we grabbed a few pictures with Sabrina too…

Hc tp 11

Hc tp 12 

(Okay, so maybe I should have gone to the hairdresser myself before the potluck… but that's what happens when you start the day's cooking before the sun comes up.)

Hc tp 1 

(Oh come on, I dont' look that bad.)

And so ends another paragraph in my middle daughter's senior year. No more Homecoming dresses, no more Homecoming hairstyles, no more Homecoming jewelry… but we'll always have the shoes.

Hc tp 30


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