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    BYOF – Sampler Lesson Two

    I might actually be recovered from the kitting whirlwind that was Sampler Lesson One.. then again, it may just be the caffeine I've had today that's giving me a false sense of invincibility.

    Either way, at least for now I'm ready to begin kitting again! Sampler Lesson One was a quick, few-day project for me, and the second one was too. As with the first project, this one will feature a prudent verse that can be found on some old samplers. I've given the sampler a slight patriotic theme, and thought it was fitting for the verse. But for those of you who are out of the country that ordered the first Sampler Lesson, I've included some miniature flags for you as well.. please know that I did my best to chart your country's flags accurately, but because of the diminutive size of the motif, some details could not be incorporated.

    Here are the flags included.. if you don't see your country here, please let your shop owner know. I don't take direct orders, as I'm a wholesaler, but your shop owner can place the order for you and request your flag. I'll do my best!

    Sampler Flags

    Something I did make note of in the chart is that there are a few colors for flags that are not included in the kit. Please be aware of this, as you'll need to use either the DMC listed or find your own conversion. To maintain the "faded" look of the overall design, I've also used faded colors for flags (as you can see in Germany's case… the black has been changed to a dark gray, and the gold has been toned down to a faded cream; in Ireland's flag, the bright orange has also been muted somewhat). But as with all of my samplers, the color key is only a suggestion; always use what you love the most!

    And now, here is a peek of the upcoming Sampler Lesson Two, to be mailed out on April 30 to shops who pre-order. Shop owners, if you are not on my mailing list, please feel free to contact me for the details.

    SL2 sp

    I hope you all have a lovely day! If you'd like to be on the list for this next Serial Bowl kit, please let your shop owner know!