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    Olga’s Supplies

    Sabrina is home from Germany, and even her sisters are happy about that. Last night, Brea and Bean headed out to see a movie together, and I forced them to let me take their pictures before they headed out the door. And as I've mentioned before, Bean loves nothing more than to go into silly mode when the camera is…

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    Texas, Part II

    I'm soooooo happy to have my Bean home again! My goodness, she's been gone since June 2nd and we've all missed her very badly. She even started crying when she hugged me in the airport, and then of course I welled up… My Sweet Sabrina is home. And now… I need to get the rest of these Dallas photos posted! As…

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    I had a wonderful time visiting my family in Dallas this week! I took over 300 photos while Sophie and I were there, and that didn't include the day we visited Hurricane Harbor (I refuse to take my camera anywhere near splashing children)… but don't worry, I won't load them all here. 🙂 After we drove the 45 minutes from…

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    Sophie has only one cousin, named Natalie. Natalie has only one cousin, named Sophie. Sophie and Natalie were very happy to see each other, after such a long time apart. The end. 

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    I thought yesterday's post would be my last for a week or so, but I found some extra time on my hands before I leave for the bustling city of Dallas, and thought I'd share some finishes that were sent to me! This is Salem Sisters II, from Marika.. she's a cyperpal of mine from New Orleans. One of these…

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    Before I Go

    Joonie and I leave for Dallas tomorrow to see my brother and sister and her family, but before I go I'd like to share a few moments from our summer so far, here at chez Stewart. Breanna has been trying to charm me into buying her a new camera, pulling out her entire bag of tricks – deceitful sweet smiles…

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    Good Girl

    If I ever find myself in such an unstable state of mind that I consider acquiring another small dog, it would have to be a Japanese Chin. This dog is truly the epitome of charm and good manners. Except for when she's climbing into the open dishwasher or trash can, trying to find anything – and everything - to eat. We won't count those…

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    Appreciation Day

    Earlier this week Mike and I took Sophie and one of her bff's to the Firefighters and Police Appreciation Day celebration in a newly-developed area of the city. There was free food for all, a concert, bounce houses for the kids, and lots and lots and lots of testosterone. Which is probably why there was no alchohol served. Sophie and…