Good Girl

If I ever find myself in such an unstable state of mind that I consider acquiring another small dog, it would have to be a Japanese Chin. This dog is truly the epitome of charm and good manners. Except for when she's climbing into the open dishwasher or trash can, trying to find anything – and everything - to eat. We won't count those times.

Tasha tp 6

Tasha tp 5

Tasha tp 2

Tasha tp 3

Tasha tp 4 

Tasha tp 1 

We also won't count the fact that she's snoring very loudly in the next room, and I can barely hear myself think.

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  1. isn’t snoring kind of common w/this type of dog?
    or like me, maybe its allergies? 🙂
    was she laying like a “frog” dog in that butt shot? back legs sticking out behind her? i laugh each time i see mine being frog dogs! LOL!!

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