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    Hurt Not the Earth

    Ann and Pat and Tanya and I are thrilled to have so many of you sign up for the Colonial Gathering club! We are really looking forward to what this year brings, and I hope you like the first release for the year, called Hurt Not the Earth.

    For those who signed up (at the Dyeing to Stitch website), you'll be receiving your kits in your mailbox shortly – the first round has been sent, and they're moving on to the next ASAP! Each kit includes the chart, linen, needle, threads, trim, and backing fabric so that you can create this little Colonial cushion, inspired by John and Abigail Adams.

    Hurt Not the Earth tp

    In just a couple more months you'll receive Tanya's release, and I'm so excited about it! She's given me a little hint, and I can't wait to see what she's come up with. As you know, our theme this year is based on things we love and imagine about Colonial life, and it just so happens that I love exactly what Tanya has chosen to be her inspiration. (She's such a fun friend and club partner!)

    Again, if you'd like to join the Colonial Gathering club for 2015, we'd love to have you!

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    A Colonial Gathering: 2015 Edition

    I'm so excited to announce that we're beginning another year of Colonial-inspired projects! I really hope you'll join us if you haven't yet! All of the information is below…

    ACG 2015 Announcement

    And now I'd like to present to you the first sneak peek of this new season of Colonial-Club-Stitching; this little cushion was designed by me, and was inspired by one of my favorite Colonial figures, Mr. John Adams, who wrote the following paragraph in a letter to his wife and "dearest friend," Abigail:

    "…I begin now to think All time lost, that is not employed in Farming. Innocent, healthy gay, elegant Amusement! Enchanting Employment! How my imagination roves over my rocky Mountains and through my brushy Meadows!" (Philadelphia, January 22, 1794)


    Tanya and I, and the ladies at Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach are really looking forward to this new year, and we hope you like what we've got planned for you!

    Yours, ever, ever, ever yours (as Mr. Adams signed),


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    The Breakdown of the Family Photo

    Each year at Christmas we try to get a family photo of all of us before we open presents, and each year my family groans when I set up the camera because I inevitably forget how the timer works, and they're left to stay in each other's personal spaces while I read menu settings.

    I always snap a few pics to see if everyone fits in the frame and is mostly in focus, which means I'm never in the first photo of the session.


    When I think I'm satisfied, I give the "You ready?" call, click the 10-second button, and scurry next to anyone who will have me (all the while asking fretfully, "Where am I supposed to go? Where do I sit?")


    After the red light blinks and we hear the "click" of the shutter, I tell everyone in my best Photo Nazi voice to stay put, because they all know I will need to take another one to be sure.

    More groans.

    I test the camera again, while they preen and chatter, and my brother has no idea that I've captured a real smile on his face…




    "Where do I sit?? Sabrina, is there room for me??"


    And just when they think I am finished, I capture the essence of who we really are on all the other 364 days of the year.


    I was originally planning on posting my "Farewell to 2014" post, but decided to do this one first. 🙂 I know it's a little late, but I hope you all had a really nice Christmas, filled with lots of laughter and love.