• Critters

    Bed Hog.

    Recently I bought the hooligans a new bed. They used to have a blue one that Frieda and Jimmy bought for them, but the Yorkie wouldn't quit behaving inappropriately with it, so I tossed it. You just can't unsee some things. Even Frieda used to gasp in shock and say, "You're a naughty fraulein! That is very unladylike!" Tasha was…

  • Stitching


    I got a few more emails recently from those of you who have finished some PSS designs.. thank you again for sharing them! It's always fun to see the color changes you make, or the different ways you finish them. First, I've never seen a finishing technique quite like this one, and I think it's fabulous! These are from Marielle…

  • Home

    Eliza Scattergood

    I truly enjoyed designing my next release, coming out this week.. the name is probably my favorite part, which was suggested to me by my dear friend Katrina (who keeps me in a steady supply of sampler names.. other than Olga, she's named all of the "Russian friends" I've designed. What can I say? She charms me, and I can't…

  • Crazy Kids,  Critters


    Sophie loves the Yorkie. And the Yorkie loves her back. Sophie also loves Tasha. And Tasha loves her back. Yorkie love can be a little persistant sometimes… But Tasha love comes at you in all at once… (I wouldn't do that if I were you…)