Bed Hog.

Recently I bought the hooligans a new bed. They used to have a blue one that Frieda and Jimmy bought for them, but the Yorkie wouldn't quit behaving inappropriately with it, so I tossed it. You just can't unsee some things. Even Frieda used to gasp in shock and say, "You're a naughty fraulein! That is very unladylike!"

Tasha was the first one to take to the new bed. I figured she would, bc she will literally lay on anything, hoping to make a snoozing spot out of it. It can be a piece of lint, and she'll sniff it, turn circles, and faint dead away in slumber on top of it.

She looked so cozy, I thought I'd take her picture.

Tp 1

And then the typical thing happened when I started snapping photos of Tasha.

Tp 2

Tp 3

Tp 4

By the way, see that look? It says, "The brown doesn't do it for me."

And I'm totally okay with that, fraulein.

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  1. My friends’ dogs behave inappropriately with their bed. One on each side, a boy dog and a girl dog (both neutered, fortunately). It would be great to be able to unsee some things.

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