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1880’s Meets 1980’s (Warning: Not for the Squeamish)

If someone would have told me in 1987 that my future children would dress up in clothing from my high school days, I'd have laughed and laughed and declared that the only era anyone would ever think was hilarious enough to dress from would be the 1950's.

I was wrong.

Not only did Sabrina and Connor decide to dress up as workout partners from the 80's, but they decided it would be best to put a zombie twist on it as well.

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Sabrina tried talking Connor into going as Richard Simmons, but he was a little too apprehensive about donning short-shorts and applying QT all over his body.

Here they are, stretching and warming up before their trick-or-treat marathon…

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I don't recall ever dressing like that in the 80's, by the way.

And then there were the Southern Gentleman and Southern Belle Zombies…

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And these two wouldn't feel like they got their Halloween's worth of fun if they didn't act out their parts for the camera…

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And then they joined forces with the Workout Partner Zombies…

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I'm glad that one of the zombies remembered to bring their iPhone along, just in case a text from Frankenstein came through.

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And it's good that the iPhone-carrying zombie remembered to do her stretches half-way through the chase as well…

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Crazies, all of them.

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P.S. When Sophie came back home that night, she said to me, "People kept telling me and Dad that we looked like some people from a movie who got carried away in the wind or something like that."


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