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Halloween will soon descend upon the Stewart home, which means I'll drag out my brushes and sponges and ruin perfectly good makeup, digging into it maniacally by the gobs and gooping it all over my little girl's face. It's something we both look forward to every October 31st, actually. 🙂

This year, the doggies will be joining us in the costume parade. Tasha is most definitely on board…

Tp 2

Tp 3

Tp 1

Why so grim, Yorkie? Why, you remind me of myself, every time I have to pick up your carpet gifts. Gosh, seeing you this way takes a little of the sting out of all those times for me.

I hope your Halloween is a fun one! And although this next diptych doesn't fit here at all, I wanted to share it with you anyway. I had fun with Bean this past weekend when she visited, and I begged her to let me take pictures of her in the new hat her boyfriend's dad brought back from his business trip to Paris.

Diptych Bean tp 

We'll see you soon!


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