Sophie loves the Yorkie.

Tp 1

And the Yorkie loves her back.

Tp 2

Sophie also loves Tasha.

Tp 3

And Tasha loves her back.

Tp 5

Yorkie love can be a little persistant sometimes…

Tp 7

Tp 8

Tp 9

But Tasha love comes at you in all at once…

Tp 11

Tp 12

Tp 10

(I wouldn't do that if I were you…)

Tp 6

7 Replies to “XOXO”

  1. Beautiful girl!! Sophie is really growing into a beautiful young lady…and well, I would say the doggies are cute too, but Paulette you might block me from your Blog! LOL LOL
    When is your new design coming out???? I’m treating myself to it for Christmas…..

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