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Hurt Not the Earth

Ann and Pat and Tanya and I are thrilled to have so many of you sign up for the Colonial Gathering club! We are really looking forward to what this year brings, and I hope you like the first release for the year, called Hurt Not the Earth.

For those who signed up (at the Dyeing to Stitch website), you'll be receiving your kits in your mailbox shortly – the first round has been sent, and they're moving on to the next ASAP! Each kit includes the chart, linen, needle, threads, trim, and backing fabric so that you can create this little Colonial cushion, inspired by John and Abigail Adams.

Hurt Not the Earth tp

In just a couple more months you'll receive Tanya's release, and I'm so excited about it! She's given me a little hint, and I can't wait to see what she's come up with. As you know, our theme this year is based on things we love and imagine about Colonial life, and it just so happens that I love exactly what Tanya has chosen to be her inspiration. (She's such a fun friend and club partner!)

Again, if you'd like to join the Colonial Gathering club for 2015, we'd love to have you!


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