Texas, Part II

I'm soooooo happy to have my Bean home again! My goodness, she's been gone since June 2nd and we've all missed her very badly. She even started crying when she hugged me in the airport, and then of course I welled up… My Sweet Sabrina is home.

And now… I need to get the rest of these Dallas photos posted!

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn't take my camera with me to Hurricane Harbor, so you lucked out on Day #2. However, Day #3 was spent in downtown Dallas with my camera in hand, and let me be the first to tell you – my sister is one hard chicky to keep up with. But we managed, and Audrey only had to ask us a few times if we were ready to call it quits yet.

Our first stop downtown was to the Dallas World Aquarium…

Texas tp 28
Texas tp 29
Texas tp 30
Texas tp 31
Texas tp 32

Here's Neenee, throwing a tantrum… poor Neenee!! (She was mad that Sophie could reach the information monitors and she couldn't.)

Texas tp 33
And here's Neenee a little while later, throwing another tantrum. (She was still mad that Sophie could reach the monitors.)

Texas tp 34
And now she's really mad, bc Sophie isn't getting mad back.

Texas tp 35
Or maybe she was mad that I was taking her picture while she was throwing a tantrum.

After the Aquarium, we drove further into the city and passed the famous Sixth Floor building…

Texas tp 37

…And then on to yet another cupcake shop: The Cupcakery.   

Texas tp 38

Texas tp 39
Texas tp 40
Texas tp 41
Texas tp 42
Texas tp 43
Texas tp 44
Neenee wanted Sophie to try her orange cupcake…

Texas tp 45
I could be way off base here, but I'm guessing she didn't like it.

Once we were in the car again, Neenee entertained herself with her new maracas that her mommy surprised her with…

Texas tp 46
Texas tp 47 
(That was my favorite picture of her.)

Texas tp 48
Then it was off to the Country Marketplace for vegetables! Audrey makes the best roasted veggies with olive oil…

Texas tp 49

And she puts dill in absolutely everything!

Texas tp 51

Here are the girls, playing with a digital scale. Natalie is quite satisfied that she can "reach" this one…

Texas tp 50

Texas tp 53 

Sophie adores her baby niece…

Texas tp 52
Audrey was NOT kidding when she told me they had hundreds of different kinds of cheeses!

Texas tp 54
Texas tp 55
And since I'm a sucker for olives, I had to take a picture of only a portion of the olive bar…     
Texas tp 56
The flowers were beautiful! Any kind you could think of! I loved all the signs over the different sections…

Texas tp 57
What a fabulous shopping center this is… there were so many samples of things to be eaten, one would never have to actually cook anything on the day one visited. :)  I wish we had one of these where I live… everything from the soup bar to the bakery to the vintage-style candy was outstanding!

We made our purchases, and out into the intense Texas heat we went again. In the car, Sophie decided to help Natalie cool off by covering her in baby wipes…

Texas tp 58
Texas tp 59
Since it was still going to be a few hours before dinner (roasted vegetables with angel hair pasta) was going to be ready, we made a quick stop for the best tacos I've ever eaten

Texas tp 60
Oh my goodness. I want one of these where I live too. If you've never had a Fuel City taco, drive there now.

Home again, home again, to Audrey's house for dinner…

Texas tp 61
(That was its pre-cooked state.)

It was so much fun sitting around Aud's living room with Shaun and Paul and the girls, just chatting and laughing. At one point, I realized that Paul and Audrey and I were reminiscing about our childhoods, just like I would hear my parents and aunts and uncles do when I was little, and I was quite amused by the thought… except I never heard them say things like "Man, I remember the time Mom tried spanking you and you farted on her hand."

(My apologies to anyone who is offended by the word farted, which my mother had convinced us kids for years was the "f-word.") 

On our last day, Shaun drove Sophie and I to my brother's workplace so we could say our goodbyes to him… in typical fashion, as soon as the camera was put away, Paul was all smiles again.

Texas tp 36 
(Btw, he was also smiling when he farted on our mom's hand.)

And now Sophie and I are back home in fit-for-human temperatures, still unpacking and wishing we lived closer to Dallas.  It was a lovely visit with family. 🙂

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  1. can we have the recipe for those roasted veggies? they look yummy!!!! (and i need more veggie recipes…i hear they’re good for ya!)
    that natalie is a cutie pie! ya’ll had so much fun!
    loved the stories about getting spanked and farting! LOL!! oh, wait! i’m an adult now! i’m not supposed to find that funny!
    glad to hear sabrina’s home! know you all missed each other!
    great pics!!!!
    loved looking at those cup cakes….. 🙂

  2. Oh Paulette you have a way of making me laugh till I cry! I absolutely LOVE reading your blog.
    I have just started a blog of my own and I’m scared to DEATH!! Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I’m not really very computer savvy so this is going to be quite the experience!
    Would you do me the honor of giving it a quick lookie-loo?
    Thanks SO MUCH!

  3. You have got to stop showing all those cupcake pictures!!! No, seriously, stop it!
    Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful pictures (except the cupcake ones) and stories. I will have to tell my boys the story about the “F” word. That’s right up their alley!

  4. We have a store about an hour away from where I live at that is like the Fresh Market that you went to in Texas. It has everything in it from Fresh Vegetables to a Olive Bar to a Shushi Bar to Hot Foods that you can eat right there or take home with you to Lobsters, Crabs…you name it they got it. It is a really neat place and I love to go there whenever my friend and I go into the Big City. I too love Olives…I’m a Olive Nut. They also have really neat Sauces too…oh my word….
    I dearly love to go to Fresh Market in the Big City…hey Paulette..you and I would make a good pair since we both love Olives and love to go to Fresh Market. Maybe you ought to move closer to me…LOL…we can spend the whole day together in the Big City at the Fresh Market and buy all the Olives that they have…LOL…
    I like your latest Design too…that is so neat.
    Take care & Happy Designing….

  5. Fun post! Glad you had a nice time with your family in Dallas!
    Are you sure that’s not Central Market that you went to? I shop there all the time, and that sure did look like the one I go too. I spent way too much time and money in that store, but sure do love it!

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