Olga’s Supplies

Sabrina is home from Germany, and even her sisters are happy about that. Last night, Brea and Bean headed out to see a movie together, and I forced them to let me take their pictures before they headed out the door. And as I've mentioned before, Bean loves nothing more than to go into silly mode when the camera is pointed at her..

Beans tp 1

Breanna doesn't care for her picture taken, and she'll probably be quite annoyed with me that I posted this in-between shot. I love in-between pictures though!

Breanna tp 1 

Girls tp 1 

And now.. the supplies for Olga! Sorry I didn't get them posted sooner, but I've been doing quite a bit of yardwork and other stitching. 🙂

Stitch Count for Olga: 101w x 104h

Fabric used: 36 ct. Vintage Tarnished Silver (Lakeside Linens)

Fibers used: Crescent Colours: Black Coffee, Old Oak Tree, River Rocks, Persimmon, Amber Waves, Joshua Tree, Dandelion Stem, Antique Lace.

Frame by: The Family Tree Frame Company (A "Branch" of Crescent Colours)

Olga tp 1 

Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments regarding this crazy cat, btw! I'll do my best to come up with a dog. 🙂

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