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As most of you know by now (bc of my gushing on Twitter and Facebook), Breanna has started her own cross-stitch designing business under the name Hodgepodge Cottage. The name she finally settled on couldn't be more perfect! (She started out with Frilly Lilly, but found that the domain name had already been claimed by someone… then she jokingly called herself Blueberry Lane Samplers as a mock of Plum Street Samplers… but considering the wide variety of her interests in life, I think "hodgepodge" describes her perfectly.)

Breanna has always been a creative soul, finding great satisfaction in writing, drawing, music, and fabric. Last summer she discovered sewing, and spent a lot of time with my mom, who taught her how to quilt. A few years before, when she was in high school and was grounded from her social life (ha! I miss those days…), she was so bored, she decided to learn how to cross stitch. And now here we are! 🙂

She will be debuting her first design at the St. Charles Needlework Market on September 24th, and I couldn't be happier for her! Here are some close-ups of the three flags she designed…

This one was stitched by her Meems (my mom)…

Hf tp 2 

The flag "pole" is actually a wooden skewer used for grilling, painted black. We then used tapestry nails to anchor down the pole, with a small amount of tacky glue applied underneath.

Hf tp 7

Here, you can see the underside of the flag pole…

Hf tp 5 

Since double-sided tape is my very best friend when it comes to finishing (please don't tell anyone that or I'll just deny it), that's what was used to apply the ric-rac. And then a few more tapestry nails were used to embellish the remaining sides.

Hf tp 3

Here is the one that Breanna stitched…

Hf tp 10

I can't believe she stitched it all by herself! :)  And the cheery purple trim and bright backing fabric are so…hodgepodge! I love all the happy colors she chose.

Hf tp 9 

Finally, here is the one that I stitched for her…

Hf tp 4

And if the front is too "dark" for you… check out the underside!

Hf tp 8

If I remember correctly, I believe that fabric came from Kwilty Kim. 🙂

If you happen to be going to Market, you can check out Bre's models in the Kelmscott Designs suite. Each of the models are stitched on 32 ct. Vintage Pearled Barley (Lakeside Linens) and they use Crescent Colours cotton floss in Blackbird, Plymouth Rock, Antique Lace, Tangerine, Bamboo, Eve's Leaves, and Mulled Berries.

Halloween Flags model email 

Congratulations, Bre! I love you soooooooooooooooo much!

Sisters 120 edit tp 


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