Market Releases

Okay, no more sneaks, since the cat's out of the bag anyway! 🙂 Here are the three releases that will be available at the St. Charles market later on this month…

Meet Boris; he's Olga's "companion"…

Boris model email 

This is Dust of Snow (the poem was written by Robert Frost)…

Dust of Snow email 

And finally, here is Sea Hag…

Sea Hag model email

I hope you like them!

23 Replies to “Market Releases”

  1. i especially love boris! thank you!! i’ll make sure to get him and olga so i have the matched set! 🙂
    thanks also for sharing the pictures!

  2. Paulette, they are adorable! Love Boris’ face, love everything about Dust of Snow, and Sea Hag is hagalicious!
    thanks for not making us wait any longer!

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