Fowl Play

Ever since I started keeping my bird feeders filled, I've had birds in my back yard that would make Alfred Hitchcock envious. (Nevermind that his movie wasn't called The Finches.) However, lately I've noticed a peculiar absence of fowl at my feeders. Nary a feather can be found, except for the stray one on the ground.

Don't worry, that verse will not be made into a sampler.

So the other morning, I discovered why my feeders are still full…

Cat tp 6 

Why, oh why must I be plagued with one oversized Golden Retriever who couldn't catch a ball if it were sitting still, and 2 tiny ankle-biters who can only jump as high as my kneecap?

Cat tp 5 

I think he heard me think that.

Actually, I love cats, so I didn't mean that anyway.

As a matter of fact, Sophie was the first one to spot him – on our porch, earlier that morning. So I let her put some cream (okay, half-and-half) on a saucer like you're supposed to do, but after a couple of drinks, the cat disappeared. (I'm sure it was bc there was no coffee in the half-and-half.)

Cat tp 4

Later on is when I spotted him up on the fence.

Cat tp 2 

I think he noticed the dogs inside the window, who were completely oblivious to the fact that a would-be mortal enemy was in their yard, looking at their birds.

And then he saw me.

Cat tp 3

He quickly vanished into the trees behind the fence, but was back again the next morning, waiting patiently for breakfast.

My sister used to have a cat just like this one, named Sinbad. He used to laze in the grass, enjoying his life, until, one day, a bluejay spotted him and started dive-bombing him on a daily basis. He decided then that he didn't like lazing around anyway.

I'm off to buy some peanuts, bc I think my back yard would be pretty with some blue in it. Orange and blue don't really go well together, unless you're a Denver Broncos fan. And thankfully, I don't have any broncos in my back yard.

It just looks like I do, thanks to my oversized Golden Retriever.

Needless to say, I've spent the latter part of this post thinking out loud.


  • joann in TX

    the looks on that cat’s face are priceless!
    i could see you graphing them up! 🙂
    hum, sounds to me like its a job for Mighty Max!!!
    he’ll chase that cat right off the fence and let all your neighbors know he’s doing it! shall i send him up on the next flight out of houston?
    he has his own ankle biter here at home but none bigger than him like friday. tho he’s a good boy and i’m sure he and friday would become fine friends! LOL!!!

  • Robin

    LOLOL!! Great post!
    But I must disagree… I think that would be a fabulous sampler… Here’s what my lil (sick, twisted) brain sees:
    A cat. Tail feathers, and maybe a little leg hanging out of it’s mouth. Feathers on the ground at his feet.
    And the verse…
    ‘Twas the night before feeder fill and all through the yard
    Not a birdie was stirring, not even a grouse.
    Nary a feather can be found, except for the strays upon the ground.
    I’m sick. I know. Excuse me while I go check myself into the institute.
    Ha! Now I’m thinking of that Dr. Demento song “They’re coming to take me away haha heehee…”
    Oh man. Clearly I need to go to bed!!

  • beritbunny

    Paulette, this is too funny. I made Dear Marc see the photos in this post–I said, “Look at this cat; he’s totally ‘camping’!”
    Dear Marc commented that I’d used that term, a reference to gaming (ask Mike; it’s a term for First Person Shooter Genre video games where one of the combatants takes possession of a sweet place from which to snipe the others and then proceeds to pick them off like shooting fish in a barrel–until the others figure out where the bullets are all issuing from and come after him.), correctly.
    Do you suppose he’ll get many birds there? lol!
    I do like birds well enough, but I love cats, and his expressions and postures in this post are too hilarious! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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