I realize the World Cup is over, but before the last match that Germany played, Mike decided to take Sabrina and Sophie to a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings to have lunch and watch the game. So the crazies put on their jerseys (that Sabrina brought them from Germany) and Mike thought it would be a good idea for me to take pictures before they left…

Fifa tp 1

Fifa tp 2

Mike gets bored when the camera is pointed at other people for too long, so I humored him a bit…

Fifa tp 3

Then I turned the camera back to the other members of the team…

Fifa tp 4

…although Mike (and Sophie) still thought I was focusing on him.

Fifa tp 5 

"Over here! Over here!" Mike called…

Fifa tp 7

"Oh, that's cute, honey. Good job," I said.

Fifa tp 12 

"Maybe this will get her attention," Mike thought…

Fifa tp 14

"You're so funny, sweety!" I cheered.

Fifa tp 8

"Oh, that's nice too, honey," I said. "Look at Sabrina!"

Fifa tp 13 

"But I'm not done yet!" Mike cried…

Fifa tp 9 

"I can see that," I mumbled. "Way to go, Sophie!"

Fifa tp 6 

Meanwhile, the kids are wondering if they'll ever actually make it to Buffalo Wild Wings…

Fifa tp 10

Thankfully, they did…

Fifa tp 11

Fifa tp 15 

…And I was left at home to go recharge my camera batteries.

12 Replies to “Fanatic”

  1. LOL! Looks like fun.
    My DH is a serious soccer fan. So much so that I spent half a day looking for a sports bar we could stop at on the way back home from our trip this weekend. He didn’t want to miss the final match ;-).

  2. Your family cracks me up!! Seriously how much memory does your computer have?? LOL!! Thanks for sharing your life with us…I enjoy it way too much…must call therapist!
    Connie in Omaha

  3. Paulette…
    Your Husband Mike is so funny…your pictures was a Hoot. Your Girls are so cute and so pretty and funny as well too. I love looking at the picture that you take of your family.
    Take care & Happy Designing
    Linda K, Railroad

  4. it looks like mike spends way too much time outside…he has a great tan! but what fun you all have!
    i’m afraid i’d be recharging more than the camera batteries! LOL!!!

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