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I realize the World Cup is over, but before the last match that Germany played, Mike decided to take Sabrina and Sophie to a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings to have lunch and watch the game. So the crazies put on their jerseys (that Sabrina brought them from Germany) and Mike thought it would be a good idea for me to take pictures before they left…

Fifa tp 1

Fifa tp 2

Mike gets bored when the camera is pointed at other people for too long, so I humored him a bit…

Fifa tp 3

Then I turned the camera back to the other members of the team…

Fifa tp 4

…although Mike (and Sophie) still thought I was focusing on him.

Fifa tp 5 

"Over here! Over here!" Mike called…

Fifa tp 7

"Oh, that's cute, honey. Good job," I said.

Fifa tp 12 

"Maybe this will get her attention," Mike thought…

Fifa tp 14

"You're so funny, sweety!" I cheered.

Fifa tp 8

"Oh, that's nice too, honey," I said. "Look at Sabrina!"

Fifa tp 13 

"But I'm not done yet!" Mike cried…

Fifa tp 9 

"I can see that," I mumbled. "Way to go, Sophie!"

Fifa tp 6 

Meanwhile, the kids are wondering if they'll ever actually make it to Buffalo Wild Wings…

Fifa tp 10

Thankfully, they did…

Fifa tp 11

Fifa tp 15 

…And I was left at home to go recharge my camera batteries.


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