Sabrina and I headed out today to scout out some places to take her senior photos. We had a lot of fun and took about 220 practice shots… and it’s a good thing they were just for practice, bc I realized in almost all of them, she was chewing gum!

I did manage to find one image that didn’t give away the gum…

Sabrina 117 tp
It was a fun day with my little middle girl.

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  1. Beautiful picture. You take her senior photos? 😀 Around here, they take the kids’ senior photos at the end of junior year — in a studio setting — at the school. Boooring. And of course, it’s a junior pic, not a senior one! I wish they would change how they do it.
    How exciting! Sabrina’s senior year is coming up!!

  2. ya’ll have to take your kids senior picture? wow! the school provided photographers for us back in the stone age…..
    great picture of the senior! 🙂

  3. I am with Marsha, on her being beautiful and YOUR spitting image! Wow…how exciting to have your momma take your photos and know that she is way accomplished to do so!!

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