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Sugar or Bust

Recently Mike took Sophie to Kansas City for a fun dad-and-daughter trip. This was supposed to be all about an amusement park, a water park, and a baseball game, but it ended up being a "Hey Mom, glad you're not here" vacation.

I'm generally the wet blanket for Miss Sophie when it comes to junk food. And although her dad does the best he can with not giving in to her wiley charms (cough-yeahright-cough), he decided this particular weekend that it was going to be a free-for-all for his youngest daughter. And best of all: he'd text the photos to me to show his unbridled parental authority when I'm not around…

Kc tp 10

Kc tp 11

Kc tp 9

Kc tp 12

Kc tp 7

Hark! What's this I see? Something with nutritional value?

Kc tp 8 

It looks like the two of them are sugar-crashing…

Kc tp 6

This is Sophie's all-time-favorite, more-expensive-than-Starbucks treat:

Kc tp 3 

Kc tp 4

Someone was nice enough to take a great photo of Mike and Sophie:

Kc tp 5 

They did manage to squeeze a few rides in between snack binges…

Kc tp 2

Now that they're back, I've decided to invest in a treadmill. And ban them from ever leaving town by themselves again.

Kc tp 1


  • michele

    I’m always glad to see daddy-daughter bonding, but the mother in me cringes at those foods! I hope she brushed her teeth really well and doesn’t have a tummy ache! Hope you got in some good stitching time!
    😉 Michele

  • Margaret

    lol! What a lot of junk food! My son used to love dippin’ dots too — a favorite for sure. I’m sure he’d still love it, but he never sees any anymore. I’m not about to tell where to find it. 😀
    Great pictures! Glad they had a good time. Now coral those two and get them under control. lol!

  • Catherine

    Sometimes you just have to let go and indulge – enjoy the moment!!
    She’s lucky to have a father that will take her on such fun trips!

  • Julie H

    Too funny! It’s great that they were able to get away for a little and have some fun together. At that age, I always loved hanging out with my dad. Now, well…LOL!
    I wanted to mention that I finished stitching up the freebie July 4th that your daughter created. I had to substitute a couple thread colors but I have gotten great response from some of my followers. I am going to stitch it again but change the direction of the colors to the French Flag and the wording to “le 14eme juillet” in honor of Bastille Day. One of my readers mentioned it would make a great series – something for your daughter to consider as it is her design.
    Now, if only I could get to a Rays game this summer…I am really wanting to go to a game (and I am not a huge fan of baseball, go figure!).

  • tanya

    I just can’t get into dippin dots but Ben LOVES it! Great pictures – looks like the pair had a fun, memorable time 🙂

  • Carol

    What fun! There is nothing like a daddy~daughter bonding “date”. She will remember it for a long time. Wish I could eat all those goodies….Ah, to be young again :/

  • joann in TX

    dippin dots????????????????????????
    clueless here……………..
    what a fun time mike and sophie had!!! and what great memories were born! i have very little memories of spending a day like that w/my dad when i was sophie’s age! but dad did work all the time…
    i kind of wondered how she stomached all that junk food? i for saw needing some tums….. LOL!!

  • Connie

    Wow. Sure looks like a lot of fun to me. If a girl’s daddy can’t spoil her and feed her junk food, who can? Mike looks like a great father to me.

  • Lynne Herzberg

    Dear Sophie,
    Before you and your Dad head to Kansas City again, let us know and we will tell you all our favorite places to play and find chocolate and ice cream.
    Sarah and Melissa :o)
    P.S. we won’t tell your Mom.

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