Despite my angry outbursts at spoiled doggy behavior, threats to send anything with fur to the glue factory, and refusing to share my ice cream, this creature insists that I am hers. I have tried for a year now to convince her to go love somebody else, but she is steadfast in her mission to make me love her.

Yorkie tp 4

Yorkie tp 5

Yorkie tp 3

Yorkie tp 1

Yorkie tp 2

She's a patient soul.

Maybe I'll keep her around.

33 Replies to “Shadow”

  1. I know how they “Yorkies” can be, very attached but very loyal. They really can tear things up, I had Vegas (my Yorkie) tear up page 1 of a 10 page pattern that I was working on, and I just left him alone for 2 min. He tore it up so badly that there was no way to piece it together. The funny thing is that I purposely set up my stitching so he could be on my lap…lol….Love the pictures…Stephanie

  2. She is a little cutie. My nana had a Yorkie for many years and they were inseperable, if my nan left the room, even to go to the bathroom she would cry till she got back.

  3. OMgosh – what a cute little face – now how can you resist it???
    You know it’s all part of her plan to manipulate, don’t you? It’s how they reel you in, hook, line, and sinker…and yet we still love them!

  4. You do realize that with our fur kids that the more you ignore them, the more they trust you? That’s why when people who don’t care for pets (or have allergies) and come over to your house try ignore them and your pet won’t leave them alone.
    It’s because you don’t give them eye contact right away and while you are trying hard to ignore them, you are actually telling them that you are safe. 🙂 Hense the unconditional love….

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