Discombobulated, disorganized, discontented…  the past month has been quite a hectic one, leaving me with little time to respond to emails or keep my blog updated. And amidst the chaos that was October, my computer decided to go comatose on me. That's when I realized that I broke two very important rules of mine:

1. Don't rely so heavily on technology that you can't function without it.

2. Since you will break rule #1, make sure you have everything backed up.

Yesterday the shop called to tell me my computer was ready for pickup, so I'm doing my best to get back on track.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you a lovely rendition of Halloween Hornbook Sampler, finished by Karen V. She finished it into a cube, and I love what she did with the trim!


This is wonderful, Karen! What a great way to reorganize those squares. 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with me!

Speaking of stitching, I've been working on The Flood as much as possible in order to have it ready for the Nashville market in February. I'd say I'm about 1/4 of the way through it, but my goal is to be at the half-way point in the next couple of weeks. Today I'll be working on a tree and a hippo and some bees. And a crown, of course. 🙂

Poor Mrs. Noah. I imagine she would have traded places with me if she could. After all, cleaning up all those droppings would leave one feeling disturbed, dismayed, and surely disgusted. Do you think she broke her two important rules?

1. Don't rely so heavily on dry land that you can't function without it.

2. If an elephant raises its tail, back up.

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  1. Another Noah! YEAH! YIPPEE! YABBA DABBA DO! HOT DIGGITY! I’d better make sure I’ve got stuff caught up in Feb. so I can start on The Flood right away. Can you tell a new Noah gets me just a tad excited? LOL

  2. Lovely finish! Can’t wait to see the flood. Hhhmmmmm..I do hope she always backed up — I was ringside at the circus once….somethings one will never forget seeing!

  3. Loved the wisdom of elephant tails and backing up. You cracked me up. Just want to say I enjoy reading your blog and want to thank you for the laughs and feeling like “family”.

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