Off With Their Heads

Sophie has had quite a head cold these past few days, but that didn't stop her from performing her royal duties and donning her Red Queen (from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) costume to go trick-or-treating last night with her dad. If there's anything these two love, it's getting into their characters.

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In case you didn't get to watch any scary movies this past month, here's are some stills from the set of "Why Don't These Two Go Off to Join the Circus and Leave Me to My Stitching?"…

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They came back with loads of hydrogenated kernel oils, soy lecithin, and artificial flavors, all in brightly colored wrappers. (I remember when I was a kid, and they used this stuff called natural sugar that was really bad for you.)

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween night! Mine was fine until I suddenly realized one very frightening, heart-stopping, blood-curdling fact:

There is, indeed, a bored game for every occasion.

Boo tp 16

18 Replies to “Off With Their Heads”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mike looks fantastic!!!! BUT
    sophie takes the TROPHY!!!! so sorry to hear she
    had a head cold. but i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her RED QUEEN!!!!!
    so who got stuck…. er…. ended up playing ‘last night on earth’ with mike?

  2. Sophie looks fantastic!! I love that costume. The make up is perfect. Sorry about the headcold and hope she makes a fast recovery. Oh and Mike looked great to. I love your pictures. You take such great ones. Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with all of us.

  3. I’m sorry Sophie wasn’t feeling all that well but she looked awesome. It’s a fantastic costume!
    Mike looked great too! When my boys were young they’d take their Dad out trick or treating with them and he would always dress up as well. Quite often he was Frankenstein or Freddie Kruger. Then they didn’t mind having a parent going around with them.

  4. lol! I love it! Mike and Sophie both look fantastic! Sophie makes a great red queen. It’s so great that they go together. My husband used to go with our kids too, but he just threw on an oversized bow tie. 😀

  5. Ha! Where’s the pig for her feet? LOL! Great costume!! Very very well done! Mike’s was nice, too… well… I suppose “nice” isn’t really the right word… 😉
    I hope Sophie is feeling better soon!

  6. w&hou Sophie is awesome as a red queen!!! very good make up for both of them!!, in the last pics of mike, i found he looks like “agent booth in bones” sorry i’m not sure for the name, but you know…david boereanaz or something like it time for me to go to bed? hum….certainly! lol gros bisous

  7. You guys did an AMAZING job with the makeup and costumes!! I had to laugh at the pics, though. For as much as the child was enjoying Halloween, I think it was the adult who had the most fun, judging from the pics!! LOL

  8. That is the best costume (Sophie’s) that I’ve seen on a young lady! She really got into character, she should be in the remake if they ever do another one. (Yes, Mike’s costume was great too, I’m not a zombie fan, sorry). Sorry, too, that your night was a bored game. We watched football!

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