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Vintage Christmas

Recently my mom and I headed out to one of our favorite little shops called Weathered and Worn. The shop was having its Christmas open house, so we decided to visit and see if there was anything either of us "needed."

One of the things I always tell myself I'm going to purchase each year – but never end up doing it – is a vintage-y Christmas ornament. I have to laugh at how so many things are made to look old. I imagine if I were around in the 40's or 50's and saw something in the store that was beat up or tarnished or chipped, I'd be aghast and never shop there again.

(I also know that if someone were to tell me back in 1984 that kids in the 2000's would dress in clothing from the '80's and call it a Halloween costume, I'd be aghast at that too.)

Anyway, this year was finally the year I purchased a vintage-y Christmas ornament, and I love it! Here it is:

Ornament tp 4

Mom got the coolest vintage-y post card made into an ornament, and I did my best to make some more when I got home. Mine didn't turn out nearly as well as the store-bought one, but they were fun to make.

Ornament tp 1

Ornament tp 2

Ornament tp 3

Here are the backs of a couple…

Ornament tp 5

Ornament tp 6

They were super easy! All you need is some paper and chipboard and ribbon, and anything you want to make it look old. 

Now I'm ready for Christmas to get here, and I haven't even taken down the Halloween decorations.

Enjoy your weekend!



  • Stephanie M.

    Your ornaments turned out great!! I went to a similar store today, at least it is starting to feel like fall today. Have a great weekend.

  • lilicouette

    beautiful ornaments you have!!! that’s funny cause i search the same things than you for christmas, some “looks old objetcs” to decorate my home, my husband find some in a “brocante” (fleamarket), well as reproduction of course…but pretty so…

  • Margaret

    Oh I love it! I think what you made looks great and just as good as the store bought one. I was going to ask if you had your tree up — I see some greens in the pics with the ornies. I guess not! (Love your new header btw.) Good shopping trip for sure!

  • Lynn

    I love your vintage ornament and I think the ones you made turned out wonderful!
    I love hunting for vintage ornaments. They remind me of the ornaments that hung on our tree when I was a child.

  • Trina Lucek

    I love your finds! I just found your blog and I can’t wait to keep returning and checking it all out. I love vintage ornaments and am starting to get into the Christmas mode – much to my husband’s dismay! I hope you check out my blog if you can and I definitely will keep checking this blog out!

  • Marsha

    I ‘just’ took down the Halloween decorations and had to sadly put away Olga for next year. I’ll pull her out in June or July to have her ready for next year’s Halloween season.

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