Crazy Kids


Yesterday Sophie got her hair cut in a "long bob," as she put it. I love how it turned out, and told her I wanted to take her picture on the front porch, since the pink sky was so bright and pretty. She tried involving the little pooches, but that didn't really work out very well…

Tp 7

Tp 6

Tp 4

Soon Tasha showed up…

Tp 1

…and tried to figure out how to do the supermodel pose…

Tp 2

But each time she tried, the same embarrassing thing would happen:

"One eye on the camera, one eye on the Yorkie. Blast it all, I give up."…

Tp 5

It was exhausting for both of them…

Tp 3

Eventually the pooches began their jealous fussing at each other, so Sophie decided to go it alone…

Tp 9

Which was fine with me!

Tp 10

I love your new haircut, Sophie! And I love you!

Btw, I wished my sister a Happy Birthday yesterday, but I'd like to wish her another one here. Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Texas tp 30 

Tp 11


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