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Thanksgiving Day

Now that I'm coming out of my tryptophan-induced stupor, I can let you all know that our Thanksgiving was wonderful! My mother cooked a fabulous turkey, along with everything that usually goes along with it, and all I had to bring this year were a couple of side dishes and dessert. Sophie wanted cupcakes, so after hesitating a bit, I thought, "Well, why not?"  So we brought cupcakes (which Sophie made all by herself), chocolate cream pies, mint kiss cookies, and I think that's it. Mom had the pound cake and maple pumpkin pie.

But she didn't have her famous orange punch, which we shall never forgive her for.

And as usual, her centerpiece was to die for! Can you believe she made those candle holders? (Mike actually asked her, "Oh, so you've taken up glass-blowing?" Oh good grief. Men.)

Tg tp 1

Breanna became drowsy first, so up the stairs she went and crawled under my parents' heated blanket…

Tg tp 2

She was snuggled in and ready to dream about studly Pilgrim men when suddenly, who should appear but…

Tg tp 3

Needless to say, the Studly-Pilgrim-rescues-the-beautiful-young-lady-Pilgrim-from-the-clutches-of-the-Wampanoag-witch-doctor fantasy didn't last long.

Or maybe that was my fantasy… moving on.

Sabrina headed back downstairs to mind her own business, and along came her father, tired of the peace and quiet…

Tg tp 4

The picture below strikes me as odd, bc apparently Mike whipped Sabrina up out of that seat so fast, her left foot disappeared…

Tg tp 5

Sophie, who was sitting on a nearby couch, disapproved of the racket they were making. She was trying to play on my mother's iPad, and they were distracting her…

Tg tp 6

I really didn't take that many pictures on Thanksgiving. I was too busy eating and trying to keep the conversation going so fast that Mike couldn't get six words in edge-wise. These words in particular:

"Who wants to play a game?"

Happy Leftovers!


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