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Woot! Woot!

I have never won anything. So you can imagine my utter shock (if you've been so lucky as to experience it) when it was announced on Tara Whitney's photography blog that I won a camera bag! A Ketti bag, to be exact!

I. Could. Not. Believe. It.

ME??? Did her announcement actually read "And the winner is…. PAULETTE STEWART!!!"

I was beaming the entire day. No matter what I did, my face was fixed in a grin. I'm so excited about it, I made a freebie to celebrate! But first, here are some pictures of my new camera bag (which is complete with awesome compartments inside for holding lenses and a body)…

Ketti tp 1

Isn't it lovely? It's the Berry bag. Ahhhhh…. love!

And it has the cutest little feet…

Ketti tp 4

And hardware!

Ketti tp 2

Ketti tp 3

My sister made fun of me when I visited her in Texas this summer bc I had a camera bag the size of a suitcase (a Crumpler "Seven Million Dollar Home" bag) that I lugged with me everywhere. She let me cram my stuff into her fancy Coach bag instead, so I wouldn't look like a tourist. Now she can walk next to me and not pretend she doesn't know me!

Anyway, I am a very happy girl for winning such a prize. If you have something to celebrate (or you know someone who does!), maybe you'd like to stitch this little chart – if you can sit still long enough to do it. 🙂

Here is the actual .pdf to click (don't click on the image): Download Woot.

Use whatever color – or color combinations – you want! Perhaps you'd like this way…


Or what about this?


Maybe you'd like to celebrate your independence…


Or help a loved one celebrate theirs!


Please note these changes from the original chart:

1. The patriotic version uses white/ecru to "line" the inside of the flag, which is not shown on the printout.

2. The "pink" version does not have the breast cancer awareness ribbon on the printout, but is easily duplicated by referring back to the above image, or by stitching the ribbon your own way.

(Btw, I think a great gift idea to give to a breast cancer survivor would be one of The Attic's Recipes for a Cure cookbooks, along with the "pink" version stitched into a small pillow or ornament. This is by no means a plug, but just an idea. And there are other fabulous charts out there to choose from if you're not fond of this one, of course!)

(I really hope I didn't sound presumptuous with my idea!)

Anyway, I'm off to go sit with my new Ketti bag in my lap. Maybe I'll go rearrange the contents again, just bc it's fun.

Or maybe I should lay off the caffeine.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Here is Tara Whitney's blog, and here is Ketti Handbags. 🙂


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