Stitching,  Sunday Mystery Sampler

Week Seven

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! My oldest daughter, Bre, cooked her first Thanksgiving dinner at her home this year, since she couldn't make it to Nebraska. I was so sad not to have her there with us for the first time in 25 years, but I am so happy that she seemed very content in her own kitchen. It warmed my heart!

And so we embark on the Christmas season with our nine dancing ladies!

Week 7 Sampler Layout

Click here to print Ninth Day: Download Nine Ladies Dancing

I've so enjoyed seeing all of the progress on the Sunday Mystery Samplers.. thank you for sharing your pieces! All of the color changes have been so fun to see. 🙂


  • Angela Tucker

    Thank you so much for the new pattern! I know exactly what you mean about your children. You spend years helping them to become independent, then you miss them like crazy! LOL Mine is coming home in January…I’ve got a turkey in the freezer waiting for our second Thanksgiving!

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for another great Mystery SAL installment. I can relate to your daughter not coming home for the holiday. One of my boys wasn’t able to come for Thankgiving this year. Thankfully, he will be home for Christmas!

  • Lizzy Pizzy

    We don’t do ‘Thanksgiving’ in Oz, but I am thankful for you Paulette, and your gorgeous designs, and for this week’s 9 Ladies Dancing. My baby is 25 also, and this year will be her first Christmas in her very own home. It’s a very weird feeling of happy/sad… Although we miss them – it is the natural progression and we can be proud of them in a new way.

  • Catherine

    Thank you very much for this pattern. I love it a lot! I’d just began. Last days were very troubled here… (I live in France). I’ll be late this year, but in advance for the next one! I stitch it with two blue threads. I’ll send you the picture of my work.
    Have a nice evening!

  • Stitching Noni

    It must be very hard to see the kids grow up…. but I guess that is the circle of life :o)
    Thank you for another gorgeous addition to the series! I am planning on stitching mine over Christmas when I have some time off work :o)
    Hugs xx

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