Cereal Killer

This morning I found evidence that Breanna had been in the kitchen after I'd gone to bed last night:

Breanna tp 3 

Exhibit A: Dried Kashi cereal in a bowl. The other girls refuse to eat Kashi cereal.

Exhibit B: Ladle. When all of the regular spoons in the drawer are used, Breanna has been known to resort to larger utensils, rather than having to actually wash something.

Have you ever tried to eat with a ladle?

Breanna tp 1 

Speaking of Breanna, I took some pictures of her last week, even though her senior photo days are far behind her now. But it was fun anyway, and she's finally learning to not shy away from me when I tell her I want to take her picture.

Brea tp 1

Brea tp 3

Brea tp 9

I loved this one, but Breanna didn't really care for it; somehow, I see traces of my little girl in her face, so I'm fond of it…

Brea tp 8

Brea tp 7

Brea tp 5 

Breanna tp 2

(I still can't get over that.)

Here's the same photo as above, only in an antique color…

Brea tp 6 

Brea tp 4

Brea tp 2

There once was a young girl named Bre
Who found herself very hun-gry.
Although it was late,
With a ladle she ate
For all of the spoons were dir-ty.

16 Replies to “Cereal Killer”

  1. Ah…this post makes my household seem normal!
    Glad to see it’s not just me that wakes to something like this!!
    Your girls are all gorgeous!! You have a beautiful family!
    Take care

  2. Love it. The exact same thing happens here with my 22 year old, it’s her birthday today so I guess you know how I’m feeling.
    We come down in the morning to signs of late night snacking, usually after she’s been out ‘on the town’ with her friends. She too has a dislike of washing up and will use the serving spoons, although she has never (yet) resorted to a ladle.

  3. Don’t they grow up fast? Lovely pictures. As for finding evidence of nighttime activity in the kitchen — that’s an everyday occurrence around here during the summer. And of course heaven forbid one should have to wash dishes! lol!

  4. Ahh, again beautiful photos.
    It is so nice to see how near Breannas face is to her father. Very nice.
    By the way – Mike would also be a wonderful photo serie object. Yes, also with uniform. My husband is a police officer (Polizeikommissar), but I never see him in uniform. I only have to wash it, but clothes changing is only at the police station.
    Thank you for the photos.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

  5. gorgeous blue eyes! can you tell i had always wanted blue eyes?
    i just can’t imagine, as much as your girls seem to eat why they aren’t as big as a house? i just look at food and seem to gain weight! must be all those “good genes”!!!!

  6. Gorgeous pictures – and gorgeous Bre!
    Tell her she has not reason at all to shy away from pictures! What I would give to look even a smidge like her – ha!
    Linda in VA

  7. Ha! When I read the title of this post all I could think of is that song by The Prodigy called ‘Serial Thrilla’. Not at all the same, but, well… my mind is odd, okay?
    Great pics (the one with “the eyes” is killer!!)!

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