I know it's been a month since we went to Colorado, but I thought I'd post some of the pictures I took. We had a really nice time there for New Year's Eve and a few days afterward. The place we stayed at was the Austria Haus, and if you ever visit Vail, I highly recommend staying there!

This was what greeted me upon first entering our room…

Vail tp-1

I didn't spend any time up on the mountain, so I didn't get any of the gorgeous mountain-top pictures, but I still enjoyed my quiet time in the village. I liked this window display in a little cupcake shop:

Vail tp-1-2

And this was the old bridge I walked across every day, into the village. It was also the way to the ski lift…

Vail tp-5

This was just to the left of the bridge…

Vail tp-1-3

And this was to the right…

Vail tp-2-2

Sophie loved the village candy shop best…

Vail tp-2-3

And I loved that they had Necco's! When I was growing up, my dad would always buy them for me when we stopped at gas stations on one of our many long family road trips… I always gave the black licorice-flavored ones to my brother and told him they were chocolate.

Vail tp-3-3

We walked up the side of a mountain for the New Year's Eve fireworks display…

Vail tp-2

Vail tp-1-4

And afterward, we walked through the village…

Vail tp-3

Vail tp-1-5

We ate at this pizzeria every night we were there, and twice for lunch. Don't miss it if you're ever in Vail!

Vail tp-6

Here's one of Soph and I in the hotel's elevator…

Vail tp-4-2

And here are some of Mike and Soph at the ice rink…

Vail tp-8

Vail tp-9

Vail tp-7

Vail tp-10

But the very best part of the whole trip was finding this sweet little place, nestled in the pines, just before crossing the bridge…

Vail tp-3-2

And it's a good thing I found it, because I went through the hotel's supply of Starbucks packets in the first hour and a half I was there.

Thanks for stopping by, and for all the sweet comments and emails about the Valentine's Stocking. I hope I got the kinks worked out and you were finally able to print it successfully!

Vail tp-4-3


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