Dads and Daughters

In about an hour we'll be heading to my parents' house to celebrate Independence Day, but before we leave I thought I'd share some photos from last night. Mike, Sophie, and my dad and I went to a Stormchasers game at the new Werner Park, where we watched a brilliant fireworks show afterward.

Game tp 1

And now it's time for a little game called "Who is happier to be with their dad?"… Good luck in your guesses!

Game tp 3

Game tp 2

Later that night the cameraman came by, and guess who got to be on the Flex-Cam?

Game tp 4

Here's a closer look…

Game tp 5

That's my camera on the left, Mike looking at the big screen on the right and wondering how he got to be so handsome, and Joonbug in the middle, flexing her muscles for everyone in the stadium.

After the game we headed down onto the field to watch the fireworks show…

Game tp 6

Game tp 8

Game tp 9

Game tp 12

Game tp 11

Game tp 10

Game tp 7

It was a really enjoyable night, and I think I speak for all the daughters in this post when I say that we love our dads very much.

Happy Independence Day!

P.S. I was supposed to bring Puny's Potato Salad to my parents' house for the cookout tonight, but I left the potatoes to cook too long, and now we're having mashed potatoes. I went ahead and added the bacon drippings though (and a dash of garlic), and they're delicious! But if any of you out there are making Puny's Potato Salad tonight, please eat an extra helping for me. And Mom, who will never let me live this down.

9 Replies to “Dads and Daughters”

  1. nothing wrong w/mashed potatoes to go with those burgers and dogs! 🙂
    looks like ya’ll had a fun time at the ball game!
    and how lucky to get on the WEB CAM!!!

  2. What a wonderful post… brought tears to my eyes. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time! My Dad passed away 2 years ago at only 68 years old and I miss him so much!! It was especially hard to not have him there when my daughter got married 2 weeks ago (it was his first grandchild to be married too). But looking on the positive side, it was such a special moment when my DD was able to be escorted by HER Dad to her groom in waiting. What a beautiful memory…

  3. What a great post!! I loved the fireworks pictures!!
    Enjoy every single second you get to spend with your dad. My dad passed away 8 years ago at the age of 70. Some holidays are just not the same since he’s not here, and this holiday is just one of them for me.
    Hope you had a GREAT time!!

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