Friday Feature!

This may be more like "Creature Feature" to some of you, but I'm honored to be Hoffman's featured designer this week. If you care to check it out, here's the link:

Friday Feature

This was a fun interview! 🙂

Tp 1

Tp 2

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  1. Congrats Paulette! I read the interview yesterday–just happened to check out the site and found you! Enjoyed reading your responses to the questions….ummm–do you really like coffe??? LOL

  2. I also love that receipt. I have been making it for years. I crush a little oreos and put on top. YUMMM!!!! Wonder what it would taste like with coffee ice cream????

  3. Great interview. You look fabulous in the photo, especially with your favorite Starbucks coffee! You really need to design a few coffee patterns.

  4. It was a wonderful interview, Paulette. Loved it. Have to chuckle over the “COFFEE”. You really do take coffee seriously don’t you, outside cross stitch of course. 😉 Cathryn

  5. loved your interview! i so enjoy following your blog… :D….by the way, if your ever in papillion…we have a coffee shop there….thats how much i love coffee!!! 😀 (and stitching too)

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