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Out of the Bag!

How fun that was, reading all of your comments and emails!  I am so grateful to each of you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.. I never knew there were so many readers! You've made my day!

It's time to announce the winners! The first winner will receive 3 currently-released Plum Street Samplers patterns as well as 1 e-voucher for a future release, good through December 31, 2011. The second winner will receive 1 current release and an e-voucher for a future release.. and Winner #3 will receive her choice of a current release OR an e-voucher for a future release. (That last one was Sabrina's idea.)

The winners will be "announced" by Breanna's newly-adopted kitten, Tilly! :) 

Congratulations, Winner #1!

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And here is Winner #2!

Tp 3

And finally, Winner #3!

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Congratulations to each of you, and thank you to EVERYONE who wrote in. I wish I could send every single one of you something! If the 3 winners will email me at, I'll get your patterns out as soon as possible. You can either have them emailed to you as a .pdf or I can snail-mail them to you. Whichever you prefer! Just FYI: I'll be heading out of town on Monday (July 25) and won't return until August 2nd, so if you email me during that time period, I won't be able to send your charts until I get back home.

Before I leave…

Bre and one of her roommates went to the humane society yesterday and brought home sister kittens.. they'll be living with the girls in their apartment in a couple of weeks, but in the mean time, Tilly will have to keep her sweet self in Bre's room bc of my cat allergy and the 3 crazy pooches that live downstairs – who at the moment have no idea she exists; the Yorkie, however, knows something is up…


Tilly is such a sweetheart! I made the mistake of laying on the floor to watch her yesterday, and she immediately approached me and rubbed her little face right on my left eye. For those of you who are allergic to cats, you know what this means. :(  Needless to say, I exited the room about 5 minutes later and had to wash my face and hands! I LOVE cats, so I'm very sad for these blasted allergies (that didn't show up until after Bre was born, for some reason)!

She was just spayed a couple of days ago, so her little belly is shaved…

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Bre, your new kitten is adorable! I know you'll make a wonderful pet-owner. And good luck getting that collar on her. 😉


  • Sheryl

    That kitten is so cute. I love kittens and cats. We have our daughters cat since they live in NY now and can’t have animals. 🙁
    Congrats to the winners of the contest

  • connie

    What an adorable little kitty. My daughter and her family just adopted a new kitten just a couple weeks ago. I have yet to meet her. I have only seen pictures. I to suffer from cat allergies. That rub on the face would have sent me running for the sink as well. She is a cutie. Bre will make a wonderful animal mommy. Congrats to those who won the contest.

  • joanntx

    congratulations to the three winners!!!!!
    i like kittens, but i am a dog person. give me a puppy over a kitty anyday. but i can see (and know first hand) how much easier it will be for a college student to care for a cat over a dog….
    tilly’s a cute kitten and bring you hours of fun and enjoyment! 🙂

  • Sylvie

    oh what a pretty little cat. I love cats. They have a mysterious and protective at the same time. I lost mine a year ago and already I miss him a lot. It was the same color as Tilly, tabby and white. I wish you much happiness and happy time with this 4-legged companion!

  • Margaret

    Oh so cute!!!!!! Oh I miss kitten age so much! Yes, getting a collar on a kitten for the first time is a challenge to say the least. And if Tilly is anything like Mia was, she’ll be trying to get it off for a while too. lol! (Congrats to the winners!)

  • Robin Hager

    I love Tilly! It’s about time the Stewart family had a kitty cat! Those doggies will learn who’s the boss, now! Now I want one! I know Bre will be a wonderful “kitty mom”.

  • Lyn

    What a cutie…such a tiny kitten! You might want to look into allerpet/c…I had a little problem (wheezing, etc) when I first got my Maine Coon, and the allerpet/c really worked for me. And it had good stuff in it for her fur too. Over time, I became used to her, and no longer need it. But I’m not as allergic to maine coons as I am to other breeds of cat.

  • Becca

    Sarah’s Quilt is one of my all time favorite books! I love all three books in that series! (You have great taste in reading materials)! 😉

  • Susan

    Congratulations to the winners!
    Tilly is adorable! Getting the collar on our cats wasn’t an issue, keeping it on was! One of them figured out how to get hers off and then proceeded to take them off the other two. Two years later and we still can’t keep collars on them.

  • Gabi

    Congrats to the winners. They must be smitten!! And no, I’m not jealous, I’m always that green…lol
    Tilly is adorable. What a pity that you’re allergic against cats.

  • Judy

    Congrats to all the winners. Tilly has such a sweet face. Don’t you wish they could stay little like that all the time!

  • Sheila

    Tilly is a real little cutie…those eyes 🙂
    I love cats, have two of my own, my DSis has six … they do work for a cat rescue shelter, and fostering turned into permanent homes for some lucky cats 🙂

  • Cathryn

    Congratulations to the winners! Awwww she’s so cute!!! I am so sorry you have these allergies, Paulette. TFS the pics. 🙂 Cathryn

  • Lynn

    Congrats to all of the lucky winners!!
    Tilly is just adorable!! I’m a real sucker when it comes to cats and kittens. I only have the one but if it were up to me we might be overrun!
    It’s just too bad that you’re allergic. I mean how can you resist cuddling that little cutie?

  • Lili Bear

    Congrats to the winners and glad that you could see how many readers you have. Well, there must be even more, actually.
    Tilly’s such a beautiful kitten. I’m sure she will enjoy living with Bree and her room mate and sister.
    We have adopted sisters here and seeing them sleep together and “wash” each other and play and all is one of the most beautiful things to see. :)))

  • Ginny Smith

    Congrats to all 3 winners of the blog anniversary contest!
    ms Tilly has hit “kitty lottery heaven” by being adopted by ms. Breanna! She will be such a special companion and friend!
    Regardless of what kind of “fur kid” you might own, they have a way very fast of wrapping us around their little hearts. 🙂 Congrats Bre on your new baby!

  • Debby

    I’m so far behind on blog reading – and have a terrible time leaving comments when reading on my phone!!! I’m so sorry I missed the contest, but have to say I love your blog, your family, your pictures and your sense of humor!!!!
    It’s kind of funny, I was reading one of the cross stitch magazines recently that you had a chart in. When I saw your picture, I said to myself “I know her!!!” – then reminded myself that we have never met, I can’t really say that. But you seem like a friend – that’s special.
    I’ll keep reading, waiting for more designs and watching your family along the way. Keep up the good work!

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