While recently discussing the possibility of Jaime and Bre and I going into the business of photography together, someone suggested we name ourselves "PB&J Photography." I doubt anyone would take us seriously if we called ourselves that, but I thought it was a clever suggestion. 🙂

Last week, we three got together and shot another wedding. What a perfectly fun couple, with perfectly lovely families. I don't have any of Jaime's photos to post, but here are some from Bre and I…

Tp 1

Tp 3

Tp 4

Tp 6

Outside, the groomsmen were a lot of fun…

Tp 8

And the groom's mom was awfully happy to see her son looking so handsome…

Tp 7

Here's Bre, hard at work shooting details…

Tp 5

And this is Jaime, trying to coax a smile from the flower girl…

Tp 10

Tp 9

Tp 12

There was a water table set up at the ceremony bc of the heat outside…

Tp 11

Tp 13

Tp 14

Tp 15

Tp 16

Tp 17

Tp 18

Tp 19

Tp 20

Tp 21

Tp 22

Tp 23

Tp 25

Tp 26

Tp 27

Tp 28

Later that night, we went outside to test our flashes (it was getting to be pitch black out!), and Bre was our model…

Tp 30

(She's probably going to be really mad at me for posting that photo, but it just cracks me up.)

Here are a few of Bre's photos… I didn't ask her if she minded if I posted them, so I only chose a few to edit. But as usual, it's amazing to me how she sees things through her lens…so romantic!

Tp bre 1

Tp bre 3

There's something about this last one that makes it my very favorite photo of the day… Bre didn't like it, but I just loved it!

Tp bre 2

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Butler! And Jaime? Hurry up with those edits, will ya? Come on, how long could it possibly take to edit a measly 4,000 photos?

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  1. I see that designing isn’t the only talent that Breanna inherited from her momma! What amazing pictures. The wedding, the pictures, and the happy couple are beautiful.
    BTW, love the PB&J idea!

  2. What a beautiful couple. It made me happy just to look at them, with their new life full of promise. The photos are amazing. It is a rare talent to be able to capture feelings in photographs, and all of you seem to have it. I believe your photography business will be a great success!

  3. Just beautiful, Paulette. So very different from the usual wedding photos I’ve seen. As always, you give a ‘feel’ for the moment. 😀 Cathryn

  4. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous wedding (I LOVE the colors of the flowers and the bridemaids’ dresses). Beautiful couple, too. Best wishes to them!
    (Btw, you’re right, that last photo is great!)

  5. These pictures are so lovely. They make you just “feel” the moments, the happiness, the love.
    You all have such amazing talents. I think the name PB&J is perfection!
    I must say the water one is one of my favorites. But I also really like the last one too. There is something about the compositon of the colors of the flowers against the colors of the stems. And it is picture full of hope – speaking of fresh new beginnings.
    I must say also that I’m a sucker for the black and white photos. I’ve always been that way. Guess it is the old-fashion parts of me coming out.
    Linda in VA

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the wedding pictures. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know them, it just makes you feel good to see people so happy. The 3 of you take such amazing pictures! Wish you had been there when my son got married last year 🙂

  7. Wow..the water is a great picture, but the one with her standing behind him..looks like something out of a movie. LOVE THEM!! I flip for guys in a uniform..you know that is the reason I married your father..I was sunk the minute I saw those USAF blues. 🙂

  8. Only if you had done my wedding photos (28 yrs ago!) They are awesome!! You’re daughter Bre is so beautiful, with the most amazing blue eyes!! You are living a great life!!!!

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