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    In the spirit of the day… enjoy! (Please use the link located at the bottom of this post to download the PDF for this design.) P.S. The football's stitches are shown in black, but they're actually to be stitched in Ecru! This is noted on the chart. 🙂 Download Superbowl 2014 Chart  

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    A Valentine’s Stocking

    Here's a little stocking pattern for you. I designed it for my mom and put both hers and my dad's initials on it. Then I surprised her with it on Instagram (she'll be over for the Super Bowl on Sunday, so I'll give it to her then), and she loved it! It was a fast little stitch, and along with…

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    I've had the honor of having so many of you email me with your Plum Street finishes, and I wanted to let you know that it's always very exciting – and humbling – when I receive your pictures. When I first started designing, I never thought that one day I'd actually be seeing something that I designed be stitched by…

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    Hares’ Happy Haunting

    I just realized this morning that Halloween will be upon me before I know it, and I've yet to find out from Sophie what on earth she'll dress up as this year. Sabrina's costume is done and out the door, ready for the parties, but Sophie-joon needs to come up with something pronto, before my sewing machine goes back to…

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    I just wanted to share a couple of finishes with you all that were shared with me in an email this past week. Wilma and Sophie (from France) finished up the Christmas Coffee freebie I posted recently, and I love what they did with them! Here's Wilma's version: And here's Sophie's: Thank you so much for showing these to me!…

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    Beans, Beans and a Free-Bean

    I just had to share this finish with you all, bc the famous Jill Rensel did such a smashing job on the mats, as usual! Thank you, Miss Kay, for allowing me to share your finish on my blog. 🙂 I can't believe all the stitching you get done! And for the love of coffee, here's a free chart for…

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    An Early Celebration

    I have a friend who has been getting me into trouble lately, and her initials are Miss Katrina. She's got me hooked on these: They're Cadbury Mini Eggs, and I've eaten them for breakfast and dessert for the past three days. (What, you don't have dessert after breakfast?) I've never been a big chocolate addict, but for some reason I…

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    Give Thanks

    Here's a little complimentary chart to help get you in the mood for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration. I can't wait to get my Honeybaked Ham ordered – and pick up a jar of their Mango Salsa! Remember not to click directly on the image for your chart. Instead, click here: Download Give Thanks Or, if you prefer this version… I'm…