I've had the honor of having so many of you email me with your Plum Street finishes, and I wanted to let you know that it's always very exciting – and humbling – when I receive your pictures. When I first started designing, I never thought that one day I'd actually be seeing something that I designed be stitched by others. It was just a dream of mine to design, but it's purely the icing on the cake that some stitchers out there actually like what I've done!

Thank you, with all my heart.

When I released Halloweenies, I thought there might be one or two people out there with dachshunds, at best. But I still thought it was a fun little design, so I went with it. Lo and behold, and do believe the population of doxie-owners is more than a little gigantic, based on how well-received this pattern has been! (This goes to show how out-of-touch I am with the canine world. I'm usually too busy Googling things like  "How to dominate a Yorkie" and "Support groups for people who live with Yorkies" to pay attention to much else.)

Here are a couple of finishes that were sent to me recently…


Andrea stitched it twice, one for each of her daughters, and then below,
as a pillow for her mom. I love the solo doxie!


What beautiful finishing, Andrea!


Pictured above is Nancy Daniels' framed piece. She changed
the colors to better match her doxie's coat. I love it, Nancy!
(And I love that frame too!)


I'm also excited to show you the Christmas Coffee
freebie, finished by Anne, of Doll's Musings.
She's a self-proclaimed "major coffee girl,"
which automatically makes her my java-sister. 😉

Here's another background:


I don't generally stitch my freebie charts, but something
about that green background in the first photo
reminds me of my birthplace, Starbucks, USA.
The fabric Anne used makes it look like a mini
canvas coffee bean bag, and I love it!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and thank you again for taking the time to send me your finishes! I'm off to get my day going, starting off with searching the rooms for the Yorkie's little carpet-gifts to me. After that, I'll be Googling "cross stitch designs for doggy diapers."

Yorkie tp

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I so want to get stitching on Halloweenies! It is on my “list”. We have a “red” and a “dapple” brown. I acquired the dapple the same way you got your Yorkie. When my sister passed away suddenly a year ago this month the dapple needed a home. I had already been dog sitting several months while my sis had surgery, chemo, etc., so said doggie just stayed on. She was a puppy mill rescue and never was taught any manners. She is a love, but was never house broken so I can also identify with the carpet gifts also. I don’t have the heart to yell at her since she is so loving and thankful for a loving home, but geez it gets old, doesn’t it. The steam cleaner just never gets put away anymore! It is at the ready constantly. The potty schedule is up to the human in this house since she rarely asks to go out and sometimes we are not in sinc. Hang in there! Linda in CO

  2. I absolutely love this design. I have 3 Doxies of my own and I ordered it a couple days ago. I will be sure and send you a picture after I stitch it also. It is adorable. Thank you so much.

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